JetBlue Airways Fees Review


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JetBlue earns an honorable mention for free extras such as DirecTV and in-flight snacks. Change fees can be relatively low, but baggage fees are now in line with most other carriers.

JetBlue Airways' fees generally fall in the mid-range overall, but the airline offers some notable perks for free, including personal entertainment systems with live DirecTV. JetBlue no longer offers a free checked bag to every passenger; that’s a privilege exclusive to holders of more expensive Blue Plus and Mint tickets. A checked bag with a basic Blue fare now costs $20 when paid for online or at an airport kiosk or $25 at the airport ticket counter. In-flight Wi-Fi is available and free on most JetBlue aircraft, although a high-speed connection costs $9/hour.

Passengers praise the airline for offering complimentary (nonalcoholic) drinks and snacks more appealing than tiny packets of peanuts. Still, JetBlue fees such as $25 to book a ticket by phone, $10 and up for premium seating, and $100 per segment to bring a pet onboard the plane don't stand out as especially low. The cost to change or cancel a flight depends on the price of the ticket, the fare type, and the number of days until departure. Blue Flex fares have no change fees; for the cheapest fare class, the cost ranges from $70 to $135. Regardless of the ticket price, the lowest change fee is charged for changes made at least 60 days prior to departure. The graduated fees ensure that the charge won't be higher than the original airfare, a genuine possibility on other airlines with change fees as high as $200. JetBlue's Even More Space seats, with extra legroom and priority boarding, command an extra $10 or more each.

It seems no JetBlue fees are high enough to dent consumers' overall satisfaction with the airline. It placed fourth in Purdue University's 2014 Airline Quality Rating report and first in the low-cost category in J.D. Power & Associates' 2015 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, with an "about average" rating for cost and fees.

Compare JetBlue with other airlines using the charts on pages 2 to 4 of our guide and visit the company's website for a full list of JetBlue fees.

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