Delta Air Lines Fees Review


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Delta Air Lines' fees for domestic flights line up almost perfectly with other legacy airlines such as American and United: $25 for the first checked bag, $25 to book by phone, and $200 to change or cancel a trip. The $125 charge for bringing a pet with you in the cabin is also the same with all three, as is the $100 or $200 charge for an overweight bag. The cost to change to a confirmed seat on another Delta flight the same day is $50, as opposed to $75 at the other large carriers. All these fees are much higher than many we found at non-legacy airlines.

Delta does offer travelers the option of using certain American Express cobranded credit cards (with annual fees) to avoid paying the fee for a checked bag, among other benefits. Select fees are also waived for SkyMiles members with qualifying status in the frequent flyer program and, of course, passengers traveling in first or business class.

A few amenities such as basic snacks and blankets are still free even in coach, perhaps helping Delta best the other transcontinental legacy carriers in terms of customer satisfaction in a number of rankings. The airline got a "better than most" rating for cost and fees in J.D. Power & Associates' 2015 survey; only Alaska Air scored higher among traditional airlines. That being said, the relatively high ratings make Delta stand out only when next to the largest airlines. Frugal flyers know that other carriers offer fewer and lower fees.

Compare Delta with other airlines using the charts on pages 2 to 4 of our guide and visit the company's website for a full list of Delta fees.

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