Oster 6307/6309 Review



This toaster has an attractive red casing, removable crumb tray, extra-wide slots, seven browning settings, and warming, defrost, and cancel buttons. Some users rave about its style and features, but it gets mixed reviews for manufacturing quality and toasting consistency.

One of the first things consumers note in Oster 6307/6309 reviews is this model's retro styling. The housing is red brushed chrome with black trim, and many reviews on both Viewpoints and Amazon cite its appearance as one reason to buy this toaster. Consumers really like the element of color and style it brings to their kitchens.

Aside from the attractive casing, the Oster 6307/6309 (starting at $27, Amazon) features a variety of practical functions. It boasts the obligatory wide slots needed for toasting bagels and thick artisan breads, and a bagel setting that toasts the cut side and warms the outer crust. The Oster 6307/6309 also features warming, defrost, and cancel functions; seven browning settings; red LED display lights; a high rack lift for easy toast retrieval; and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. This cheap toaster weighs about 4.5 pounds and measures approximately 7x11.5x7.5 inches.

Its appealing good looks and impressive combination of features notwithstanding, Oster 6307/6309 reviews are mixed. Some users posting reviews on Viewpoints and Amazon grumble about uneven toasting and durability issues, including toast levers that don't stay down and filaments that burn out. But other consumers are very pleased with this cheap toaster's performance. Reviews on the same sites comment positively on the accurate browning settings (although it may take some trial and error to find your preferred setting) and toast that's properly crisp but tender. One user has given away several units as gifts.

The Oster 6307/6309 has a lot going for it in terms of looks and features, but given that it falls at the upper end of the cheap toasters price range, you might expect better durability and toasting consistency. That said, complaints about this model don't seem any worse than what we found for other cheap toasters.

Maralyn Edid

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