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Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
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Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips ($1.99/12 ounces) are distributed nationwide and available at Sam's Club and Walmart stores, in particular. Produced by a company in the same family circle as the maker of Costco's Kirkland brand chips, this product retails for about 17 cents an ounce, or $1.99 for a 12-ounce bag.

Based on the Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips review conducted by our 11 volunteer tasters in a blind taste-off involving 14 varieties, this is a popular dipper that earned a runner-up spot. The operative descriptor used for this chip was "light." The word surfaced often in reviews in relation to the corn flavor, the crunch, and the color. Additionally, the degree of saltiness was deemed appropriate regardless of individual salt preferences.

We came across next to no Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips reviews in our online research, either from experts or from consumers weighing in. The one online assessment we did find at Yahoo! Voices highlights the pleasant texture and taste of Calidad tortilla chips, but cautions about their delicate (dare we say "light" again?), breakable nature, which may render them fitter for eating out of hand than for dipping. That said, our review panel found this same airiness and subtle taste to be pleasing.

Although it's difficult to find reviews about these crispy snacks, it's clear from our own informal testing that Calidad chips make for mild-flavored, easy munching. They may not stand up to chunky dips, but the reasonable price tag and all-around appeal should work nicely for parties or family movie night.

by Gina Briles (Google+ Profile) – January 22, 2013
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