Kroger Hot Dogs Review



The majority of our tasting panel agreed that this frank wasn't terrible and was better than other entries. They liked the smoky and salty flavor but said the texture was a bit off.

We tested two Kroger-brand beef franks in our blind-tasting review. The cheaper Kroger Value hot dog -- now marketed under a new store brand, Heritage Farm -- fared better with the judges than the pricier and so-called "healthy" Simple Truth version.

The cheaper hot dog garnered one vote for best in class. The review panel served up a modestly positive assessment, with comments such as "the taste is there with a definite smoky flavor" and "the first bite is pretty good." Dissenting judges said it was "over salty" and one remarked that "something tastes a bit off." The Kroger Simple Truth Uncured Beef frank received nary a vote from reviewers and was described as "just average, with not a lot of flavor." Most judges echoed this sentiment and couldn't identify any way in which this frankfurter stood out from the crowd.

In Kroger-brand hot dog reviews posted at Roadfood, various iterations of the product line claim a hold on consumers' taste buds. One expressed surprise at the high quality of a store brand and a couple deemed them on par with Nathan's Famous.

As for nutritional information, a Simple Truth hot dog (starting at 64 cents/serving) contains 140 calories and 12 grams of fat, with 4 grams of saturated fat. Heritage Farm hot dogs (starting at 32 cents/serving) have 130 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 4 grams of saturated fat. In terms of sodium, the Heritage Farm frank towers over its fellow store brand, at 510 milligrams compared with 260 milligrams. The Simple Truth Uncured beef dog is a relatively healthy one, made with meat from cows that have been humanely raised, fed a vegetarian diet, and kept free of antibiotics and hormones. Simple Truth franks also don't contain any preservatives, fillers, MSG, or gluten.

Kroger is a large supermarket chain that dates back to 1883 when the first store opened in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today the company operates more than 2,600 stores spanning 34 states. Heritage Farm is one of three budget-priced brands that replaced Kroger Value. Simple Truth was developed in-house as a way to satisfy the growing interest in, and demand for, affordable organic or natural foods.

Although Kroger Value hot dogs didn't win the top berth in our taste-off, their Heritage Farm successors are likely please the family along with your wallet. The Simple Truth Uncured Beef version seemed bland but might suffice as a reliable, budget- and health-conscious alternative to the traditional beef frankfurter.

Raechel Conover

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