Clinique Bottom Lash Review



This mascara plumps up inner, outer, and bottom lashes that regular mascaras usually can't reach by using a tiny wand that's designed for the littlest of lashes.

Clinique Bottom Lash reviews praise this product for its ability to reach small, scattered, and corner lashes on the top as well as the bottom. Beauty experts and shoppers alike are fans of this mascara, which has a wand and brush about half as long as a regular mascara. The unique design employs tiny bristles to catch and coat bottom lashes.

Beauty magazines Harper's Bazaar and Allure both include this product on lists of the best mascaras. An expert at Harper's Bazaar mentions that the team there likes Clinique Bottom Lash (starting at $10, Amazon) because it coats every last lash and creates the look of larger eyes. An expert from Allure agrees that Clinique Bottom Lash doesn't neglect corner lashes and has staying power, crucial for avoiding the raccoon effect from smears underneath the eyes.

Consumers have likewise found that this mascara lengthens and thickens bottom lashes. Several users who have posted reviews online appreciate the wand's lash-catching design and admire the way the brush coats the small lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes without smudging or getting product on the skin. A reviewer posting on gives Clinique Bottom Lash mascara 5 stars and credit for transforming the look of her eyes.

This mascara also counts many fans among consumers writing on the review site Total Beauty. One user describes the mascara as long-lasting yet easy to take off. More than one expresses surprise that there aren't more products like this on the market. The tiny brush allows precise application and accentuates small lashes. One reviewer appreciates that the formula doesn't bother her sensitive, watery eyes. Clinique Bottom Lash mascara is allergy tested and available in black and brown. To remove it, you need only rinse with warm water gently press on your lashes.

Clinique's cosmetic products are usually priced out of the Cheapism range, but this is a welcome exception. It's one of the only mascaras on the market that specifically targets bottom lashes, and reviews assert that it's more versatile than that. If you are looking for a way to make meager lashes stand out, give this mascara a try.

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