Cover Girl Professional All-In-One Curved Brush Review



The curved brush actually curls lashes, according to reviewers, and the formula is gentle on sensitive eyes. This product appeals to those who want a more natural look.

Cover Girl Professional All-In-One Curved Brush (starting at $5, Amazon) has a new look, but the mascara itself doesn't seem to need improvement based on the raves it garners. Cover Girl Professional All-In-One reviews praise this mascara for leaving lashes curled and lengthened. They attribute these effects in part to the curved brush.

The brush isn't always seen as a positive, though. A reviewer posting on Total Beauty grumbles that the curve makes the wand difficult to handle and the mascara difficult to apply.

We should note that a majority of the negative reviews for this product on the Cover Girl website stem from consumers' preference for Cover Girl's Marathon line of mascara, which was discontinued. Many users were disappointed to see this product put forward as a replacement and posted complaints to try to get the company to bring back their beloved brand. In general, reviews on Amazon and elsewhere focus on how well this product lengthens and thickens lashes. It also gets credit for staying put and resisting smudges.

Cover Girl Professional All-In-One mascara comes in two other versions, straight brush and waterproof, and three colors: very black, black brown, and brown. Cover Girl advertises this mascara as safe for contact-lens wearers and people with sensitive eyes. One reviewer says this is the only mascara that doesn't bother her eyes and another recommends it to people who have watery eyes.

If you are looking for a mascara that stays put and leaves lashes looking more naturally enhanced than falsified (the aim of many of today's mascaras), then Cover Girl Professional All-In-One Curved Brush mascara is a good pick.

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