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Rolling Backpacks Performance

There are two words that pop out in rolling backpacks reviews: maneuverability and durability. The reviews we read strongly indicate that the best rolling backpacks should roll easily and smoothly, function on a variety of terrains (e.g., cobblestone and gravel), tackle curbs, and not flop around when moving.

In addition, the best rolling backpack should be able to stand up on its own and not tilt forward due to its weight. Cheap rolling backpacks reviews also stress the importance of durability. That is, users want a rolling backpack that will last at least a year, and that expectation extends to the fabric, zippers, wheels, and handle.

Rolling Backpacks in Motion.

Being frugal about your backpack purchase doesn't mean settling for a model that leaves you dragging. Regardless of a backpack's size and features, maneuverability and stability are top priority qualities. Consider this user of the Port Authority Wheeled Backpack who writes in a rolling backpacks review on Amazon about struggling with a full pack that flipped and flopped from side to side rather than rolled; a more recent review on the same site generally pans the wheels. On the opposite side of the road is the CalPak Awestruck. Reviews on Luggage.com compliment its smooth rolling over different surfaces and ability to mount curbs. Right alongside the CalPak is the Travelers Club Metropolitan, which wins endorsements from users in reviews on Walmart for its easy mobility, roominess, and stability, which includes not tipping forward when packed to the gills. Leaning while full and at rest is a common problem with rolling backpacks, and is one of the few critiques users have of the Olympia 18-inch rolling backpack, according to reviews on Overstock.com. Otherwise, backpacks reviews say the wheels on this model roll and smoothly and the handle glides in and out with ease.

Rolling Backpacks Durability.

The durability of the best rolling backpacks largely depends on the quality of construction and the frequency and type of use. Weakness in the fabric, seams, zipper, wheels, and/or handle can easily derail operations. The consensus among users, according to backpacks reviews, is that the best rolling backpacks on our list stand up to normal wear and tear, whether from the weight of multiple textbooks or the stresses of frenzied travel.

Garnering exceptional feedback for durability is the Travelers Club Metropolitan. One of our best rolling backpacks picks, the Travelers Club Metropolitan wins praise for its high quality materials, including hard-wearing wheels, a sturdy handle, and easy sliding zippers. Despite a couple of gripes about sticky zippers, the CalPak Awestruck is another best rolling backpack lauded by users for its solid build; in a rolling backpacks review on Amazon, one user singles out the hard bottom as a sign of durability, noting that it ensures that the pack can stand up to heavy loads. The Olympia 18-inch also ranks high for durability. Reviewers of this almost-best rolling backpack at Luggage.com and Walmart like its overall value; that is, sturdy dependability for a low price. We found only a few complaints about this model, including one concerning front legs that broke under heavy weight, leaving the backpack unable to stand on its own. On the other hand, the Port Authority model disappoints users. Several rolling backpacks reviews say the wheels jam up on tough surfaces and one reports that a wheel fell off.

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