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Bathroom Scales Performance

We've all been there: You know you've gained or lost weight by the way your clothes fit, but what the scale tells you just doesn't make sense. The obvious solution to this quandary is a scale that's accurate.

And that, reviewers say, is the most important performance criterion in seeking out the best scale available on a budget. Bathroom scale reviews also indicate that users care about the visual display on the scale as well as its durability. Even if a cheap scale delivers as promised, if it isn't durable, you may find your well-intentioned efforts evaporating as quickly as those unmonitored pounds add up. For our list of best scales, we chose models that earn positive ratings from users, although bathroom scale reviews reveal that some individual units are less reliable than the overall assessment.

Bathroom Scale Accuracy.

There's no point to a scale that reports false information, be it over- or understating your weight, even if the truth sometimes hurts. Indeed, we read numerous bathroom scale reviews that jokingly berate our choices for best cheap bathroom scales for accurately displaying the poundage, right down to two tenths of a pound.

The EatSmart Precision Digital Scale is one model that garners hundreds of stellar reviews on Amazon, where users commend its accuracy and consistency. They note that getting on and off the scale several times in a row keeps giving the same weight -- even if you shift your standing position; a few report that the displayed weight of a household pet matched results from the vet's office. Still, some reviews of the EatSmart model grouse about erroneous and wildly varying weight measurements from minute to minute or day to day; one user tells of testing the EatSmart scale by picking up paperback after paperback while standing on it, then discarding the books one by one, with either no change or nonsensical changes to the displayed weight.

Another praiseworthy model, according to bathroom scale reviews, is the Elite Home ESC-9008X. Users posting on the Target site note that displayed weights agree with the scale in the doctor's office and the weight-loss tracking feature is strong motivation to stay on the straight and narrow.

Experience with the Taylor 7329 Electronic Lithium Scale is mixed, although mostly positive. The bulk of bathroom scale reviews posted at Walmart say the Taylor 7329 gives accurate data on a consistent basis. One user, however, asserts that the surface on which the scale sits affects the results and another claims that different units of the same model give slightly different weights for the same person.

The Taylor LED Superbrite disappoints in the accuracy arena. Its lack of consistent and accurate results is the number one gripe in bathroom scale reviews on the Target site. Several users say you need to get on and off the scale twice to get a true reading, and others report results that vary up to 20 pounds when weights are taken in close succession.

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Bathroom Scales Ease of Use.

For the most part, the bathroom scales on our list are user friendly. All power up or down with a simple step-on/step-off and incorporate easy-to-read LCD displays. We found many comments in reviews for the EatSmart , Elite, and Taylor models attesting to the nearly instant and sharp readouts. One user reports being able to see the numbers on the Taylor 7329 without eyeglasses, one praises the red digits on the Taylor LED Superbrite, another says her son simply taps the Elite scale's memory feature to keep tabs on his growth, and still another notes the backlit display on the EatSmart scale is clearly visible in the dark. The Tanita HS302 White Solar Powered scale is finicky, though, according to reviews. Quite a few postings on Amazon report having to place the scale directly under a bright light to get it sufficiently juiced up.

Bathroom Scales Durability.

Even the cheap bathroom scales that stand up to daily use sometimes prove to be lemons. We found at least a few reviews for several of the models we researched that report premature failure (i.e., out of the box, within a few weeks or months). Users commenting on Amazon about the Taylor 7329 seem to have encountered more problems than those posting reviews on Walmart. Negative reports about the Taylor LED Superbrite weigh heavily, with numerous users reporting the scale ceased to function properly shortly after purchase, even with a new battery.

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