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Best Everyday Shampoos and Reviews

If you have so-called normal hair -- neither dry nor oily and relatively healthy and undamaged -- a cheap everyday shampoo should work for you. The best shampoos for normal hair dispense with the harsh clarifying elements commonly found in products for oily hair and in those that remove residues and build-up.

They generally contain a mild detergent, some preservatives and fragrance, and a chemical agent that affects viscosity and feel.

The best shampoos for normal hair stand up to daily use; they hydrate your hair and don't irritate your scalp, lather well, and rinse out easily. Our pick for best cheap shampoo in the everyday category is Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care (starting at 28 cents/oz.) and the runner-up is Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo (starting at 29 cents/oz.).

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care is a low-cost everyday shampoo touted by its manufacturer as containing active fruit concentrates. The formula includes vitamins B3 and B6, which ostensibly provide shine and strength, and other ingredients that make this hair-wash product sound like a tropical import: sugar cane and lemon peel, camellia leaf, and apple extracts. There are also assorted unpronounceable chemicals, along with alcohol and sodium laureth sulfate, which is one of the milder detergents.

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This best shampoo for normal hair wins praise in many quarters for its value pricing and softening, full-body effect on users' hair. Reviews for Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care are comfortably above average. We read a few critical comments on Viewpoints, but users posting Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care reviews there are generally upbeat. They say it moisturizes, leaves no residue, and doesn't irritate their skin; one asserts that washing damaged hair with this shampoo is akin to pouring water on a wilted flower. Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care reviews on Total Beauty, however, are more divided, especially the recent postings. Some user reviews say Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care boosts color-treated hair, brings out the shine, controls frizz, and doesn't leave hair dry even with daily washing. Others say a conditioner is absolutely necessary and still other consumers assert that the product makes their hair feel heavy, slimy, and sticky; one user reports it caused expensive highlights to fade.

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care is thick and viscous with a scent that shampoo reviews describe as lightly fruity and very pleasant. It's far less costly than salon products and seems to do the job just as well. This is the best cheap everyday shampoo for consumers with heavier, thicker hair; people with thin hair may feel a bit overwhelmed.

The good cheap shampoo for normal hair is Dove Cool Moisture. This is a mild product that contains sodium laureth sulfate and TEA-sulfate rather than the harsher ammonium detergents. It's a favorite of the editors at Real Simple, who approvingly note the cucumber scent and the tingling sensation while shampooing. Dove Cool Moisture also carries hints of green tea.

Although Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo is part of the company's Damage Therapy line, reviews indicate that users with many types of hair find this product quite satisfactory. Consumers with coarse, thick hair or fine, straight hair, with chemically-treated hair or unadulterated hair write that the product makes their tresses feel and look healthy and smooth, doesn't leave knots, and cleans well. On Makeup Alley, women with oily hair and highlighted hair, be it wavy or dry, say Dove Cool Moisture leaves their hair bouncy and free of grease (in the first instance) and smooth and hydrated (in the second). We read Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo reviews on Viewpoints asserting that it moisturizes greasy hair, works well on curly hair, and is effective for men and women alike.

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Still, some users aren't totally pleased. One consumer raves in a shampoo review on Total Beauty about the clean and relaxing scent but adds that the product doesn't adequately hydrate her dry, frizzy hair. Another user, facing the onset of cold weather and fly-away hair season, issues a plea for improved moisturizing in this product. We also noted a Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo review on Drugstore.com from a consumer who says that a year of use took the shine and softness from her hair. But such complaints constitute a small minority of the reports we found. Dove Cool Moisture is marketed for normal hair, although it apparently does the trick for hair with other characteristics, as well.

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