Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Review



This key lock combines the sturdy U-lock with a flexible cable and earns high marks from users for keeping their bikes safe and for its good warranty. The 13mm hardened performance steel shackle resists cutting while the 10mm braided steel cable provides additional security for accessories.

Kryptonite is a big name in the bike lock industry (this is the company that introduced the U-lock in the 1970s), and Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock with 4-Inch Flex Cable (starting at $28, Amazon) holds true to the brand's reputation. This is a seemingly impenetrable U-lock with the added bonus of a flexible four-foot long cable to better and more fully secure your ride. Consumer confidence in this cheap bicycle lock derives from its hardened high-grade carbon alloy 1/2-inch steel shackle -- said by KryptoLok Series 2 reviews on Epinions to work like the mythical kryptonite in its ability to withstand a thief's hand tools -- and high-security disc-style cylinder with lock in the center. The cable is made of braided steel, which is what the experts recommend in bicycle locks reviews.

From the quiet suburbs to the mean, bike-stealing streets of New York City, bicycle locks reviews across the board laud this lock for its impenetrability and durability. One user is comfortable leaving her bike locked up on her college campus all day, according to a KryptoLok Series 2 review on Amazon, while another says the lock has been going strong for two years. Reviews on Epinions echo these reports, even noting you can rely on the U-lock alone (that is, minus the cable that wraps through wheels and around a post) to keep your bike safe and secure. Some KryptoLok Series 2 reviews carp about the lock's 3.6-lb. weight, but it does come with a mounting bracket and anti-rattle bumpers (little rubber devices that keep the "U" and crossbar parts of the lock from knocking against each other while you ride). Like most Kryptonite locks, the KryptoLok 2 comes with a $1,250 anti-theft protection warranty and a key protection deal that guarantees replacement keys if they break or go missing.

Kryptonite seems like a brand you can trust, and we particularly like the fact that this lock offers the dual-sturdiness of a U-lock and the length (and flexibility) of a cable lock for less than $30. Given all the security you get for the price, the lock literally seems like a steal (no pun intended).

Maralyn Edid

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