OnGuard Bulldog MINI 5013TC Bike U-Lock Review



An inexpensive option for cyclists looking for a lock that is secure but also lightweight and easy to carry around, it also comes with a mounting bracket. Users like that its small size makes it hard for thieves to work around.

OnGuard is another well-known bicycle locks brand, and its smaller OnGuard Bulldog MINI 5013TC Bike U-Lock (starting at $22, Amazon) discourages thieves with big tools from trying to bust it open. The shrunken size (3.5 x 5.5 inches and weighing only 1.7 pounds) of the OnGuard Bulldog MINI also makes it incredibly portable. The accompanying mounting bracket makes it even easier to cart around. Built with 13mm ultra hardened steel, this cheap shackle U-lock employs a lock system similar to the kind used in pricey European cars that only opens when the key is put in correctly, and a dual steel bar lock mechanism that the company claims delivers 10 tons of pull strength. OnGuard Bulldog MINIs come with four laser-cut keys and one key that lights up (it's powered by a LED, so it doesn't need replacing) for use at night. Vinyl coating on the lock protects your bike from scratches and the lock from wet weather. An earlier version of the OnGuard Bulldog MINI, the standard-size OnGuard Bulldog STD U-lock (starting at $22) earned a favorable review on from a dedicated bike rider, who asked a bicycle shop manager to try breaking it; the experiment failed.

OnGuard Bulldog MINI reviews are overwhelmingly positive. On Buzzillions, one user writing a review used the lock while working as a bicycle messenger in New York City and says it's ideal for securing his bike for short periods of time throughout the day. Another rider who lives in San Francisco says in his bike lock review on the same site that it handily survived a theft attempt. Bicycle owners who had been looking for a small, cheap, dependable lock will be more than satisfied with the OnGuard Bulldog MINI, according to bicycle locks reviews on sites like Buzzillions and Amazon.

The OnGuard Bulldog MINI 5013TC seems like a tiny package but it provides big protection for bike riders. Small U-locks are harder to break than bigger ones, and the lighter weight makes it transportable and usable anywhere.

Maralyn Edid

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