Bell Hands Off Bike U-Lock Review


Think Twice

This key lock may be cheap, but it doesn't get the job done or come with a warranty. Consumers report bikes being stolen and locks freezing and rusting.

This lock should be a good one -- its shackle and crossbar are made of eight inches of hardened steel and coated with vinyl to keep from nicking your ride. The Bell Hands Off Bike U-Lock (starting at $10, Amazon) also comes with a carrying bracket with quick release and two keys, one of which has a light to use at night.

But in Bell Hands Off Bike U-Lock reviews on Buzzillions, this lock barely gets two stars. The main complaint seems to be that riders who used it had their bikes stolen. Even consumers whose bikes didn't disappear gripe about the lock rusting and the key casing breaking. This report about the key comes as no surprise; as one bicycle lock review on Sports Authority points out,the "head" of the key is just plastic, not metal. With no anti-theft warranty, this cheap lock could actually cost you hundreds of dollars.

Our bottom line: there are better U-locks out there that sell for bigger bucks but take away much of the worry that seems to follow you around whenever and wherever you secure your ride.

Maralyn Edid

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