Avenir Coil Combo Cable Locks Review


Avenir's Coil Combo Cable lock (starting at $11, Amazon) is made of covered coiled cables with an integrated four-digit combination lock. It comes with a bracket for easy transport, but at 1.2 pounds, carrying it around won't pose too much of a problem. The presence of a combination lock also means you don't need to tote around a key or worry about losing it.

A lot of riders like this lock for its six-foot length, with one saying in an Avenir Coil Combo Cable lock review on Amazon that it's long enough to wrap around a front tire, the frame, and a thick pole. The length, however, was what some other riders don't like about it; in another bicycle lock review on Amazon one user says it's annoying to uncoil, hard to carry on her bike, and the mounting bracket doesn't fit. The locking mechanism also receives mixed reviews for usability, with one user commenting on Padbuilder that the numbers turn simply, the combination is easy to change, and the cable stays coiled but another claiming the lock is hard to set up.

Some riders report their bikes were stolen while secured with the Avenir Coil Combo Cable lock, which is why it didn't make our list. If you do settle on this one, follow the advice of other cable-lock users and pair it with a U-lock for better protection.

Maralyn Edid

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