OnGuard Beast 5017 Bicycle Chain Lock Review


The OnGuard Beast 5017 (starting at $55, Amazon) gets top security rating for protection in high crime areas, so urban cyclists might want to consider springing for this one. With a price tag of about $55, it's outside our Cheapism niche but within range of other hefty chain locks.

Indeed, the OnGuard Beast 5017 lives up to its name. It weighs nearly 10 pounds, measures 3 feet, 7 inches, and is a 12-millimeter titanium-reinforced steel chain with short hexagonal links that can thwart thieves who try inserting their nefarious tools. The lock itself has the recommended double-lock mechanism and a reinforced protective sleeve on the crossbar and cylinder for added durability. Rubber end caps and vinyl finishes keep all that metal from messing with the paint on your ride. The OnGuard Beast 5017 is also water- and heat-resistant, and sports a rotating dust cover that protects the lock cylinder.

Maralyn Edid

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