OnGuard PitBull DT 5005 U-Lock Review


With its U-lock and accompanying cable, the OnGuard PitBull DT 5005 (starting at $31, Amazon) ostensibly doubles your bike's security. The OnGuard PitBull DT 5005 features a 13mm ultra-hardened steel shackle, with what the company claims as 8.4 tons of pull strength, along with a cylinder that's supposed to protect against lock-picking, and a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar for extra durability. The Pitbull DT 5005 also comes with five keys, one of which is LED-lighted, and an all-tubequick release mounting bracket for carrying.

OnGuard offers a $2,251 anti-theft protection guarantee, which you might need to draw on because some customers report in OnGuard Pitbull DT 5005 reviews on that their bikes were stolen when secured with this lock. Other reviews on report the lock flat out broke when accidentally dropped on the ground and the plastic mounting bracket is useless.

This lock didn't secure a place in our list of top picks because there's not much to recommend it. Indeed, for a few dollars less, you can get the same type of U-lock with a security cable that will better protect your bike. OnGuard has other products out there that are far more worthy of your consideration.

Maralyn Edid

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