Kryptonite New York Chain Review


This 9-pound chain is made of 10-millimeter, four-sided triple heat-treated boron manganese steel. Among its other heavy-duty features is a narrow inner-link width, which gives tool-wielding thieves less room to jimmy the lock free. The lock's name comes from the four-disc lock of 14mm hardened MAX-performance (Kryptonite's special brand of hardened and flexible steel) steel shackle and a trusty double deadbolt locking mechanism. The Kryptonite New York Chain (starting at $58, Amazon) also has an oval crossbar design and a reinforced anti-drill/pull cylinder protection system on the locking mechanism, the weatherproof/anti-scratch covering that you want when using a chain, a sliding dust cover to ensure long cylinder life, three keys, and the Kryptonite anti-theft protection and key replacement.

This chain earns high marks from users along virtually every dimension and works as well for bicycles as for motorcycles, according to Kryptonite New York Chain reviews on Users say in reviews on Amazon that the price is worth the peace of mind they have knowing that no one will try tampering with their bike. Some customers write in bike lock reviews on that they would prefer more than the 5 feet, 6 inches the New York Chain supplies. Common complaints concern its weight and price.

This chain lock sits just outside the Cheapism range but suits those with bikes, dirt bikes, or motorcycles who can spare a few extra bucks.

Maralyn Edid

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