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Best Coupon Apps Review

Coupon Apps for iPhones, Android Phones and BlackBerrys

Posted on 6/13/2011 15:42 EST

Last week, we posted a roundup of the best, good, and bad coupon sites after weeks of reviewing each individually. Many of the sites we discussed also have coupon apps so you can get discounts directly on your smartphone. To identify the best coupon apps we scoured dozens of app reviews to identify the best coupon apps. Here are the results:

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Best Coupon App:

The Coupons App: While not linked to a particular website, The Coupons App has gotten widespread praise from users and technology sites. The free Android app offers real-time coupons and updates for stores, restaurants, and gas stations, scanned via bar code and savable to your phone's calendar. It scores almost five stars with users on Amazon for its wide variety of deals and the fact that they are used without issue at different retailers. It scored a similar near-perfect rating on App Brain for saving a lot of money at once. Besides the money savings and coupon variety, a standout feature for users is the coupon updates, which make it easier to find relevant deals near you. To Muse likes that you can search deals by title or bar code. The app is also listed among the Top 25 Android Apps for Moms for 2011 on Babble.

Good Coupon Apps:

Yowsa: Available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, this free app incorporates deals from 10,000 retailers across the country. Like other apps, it uses GPS to find up-to-date deals near you, but unlike others, displays deals right from the merchants themselves. In April, it won bronze in the prestigious 2011 Edison Best New Product Awards for areas such as marketplace innovation and societal impact. It also ranks among the best apps for 2011 on LifeTuner.org and MainSt.

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CouponSherpa: This site is listed among the best coupon apps by news sites and individual users. It pulls all the deals for you and you can use your phone to scan them via optical sensor. Plus, the app's free. Woult technology blog lists this as one of the top four coupon apps for iPhone for being able to mail coupons to friends, finding local stores, or emailing the deals to your store account. It will also find coupons when you're already in the store. ManoftheHouse.com likes that many coupons are exclusive to this app. The app seems pretty easy to navigate: It lists the store, followed by the discount, expiration date, and coupon code, followed by a bar code to scan. An About.com review notes there are few manufacturer discounts and some coupons aren't available in all locations, but the site still lists CouponSherpa among the best coupon apps for the iPhone.

Don't Bother Coupon Apps:

MyCoupons.com: This 99-cent app does well with users on the iTunes site, who like that it has push notifications for coupons about to expire, tracks coupons, calculates shopping purchases, and has customizable categories. The developer is apparently also open to ideas to improve the app. However, AppBrain users say the app didn't work very well on Android, noting it pulled coupons from other states that they couldn't use. AndroidHeadlines.com reports similar problems, saying numerous searches produce none or only a few of the supposed 200,000 available coupons.

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Cellfire: This free app is available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, but its claims that it offers coupons for 4,500 locations nationwide may not hold up. The coupons are supposed to load onto your supermarket savings card and apply immediately at checkout. Users on AppWorld.Blackberry.com say it lacks variety and iTunes posters complain that the app crashes and doesn't really save you that much.

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