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In Search of the Cheap Bikini

Posted on 7/4/2011 8:27 EST

The only thing more painful than trying on bathing suits is spending a load of money on them. Some designer suits cost more than $100, but most of us would like to save on a bikini you may wear for only one summer. We scoured the net to find where you can get cute cheap bikinis and other bathing suits for less.

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You should read some of what the women's magazines and web sites are saying about cute cheap bathing suits, as many will discuss the best kinds for your shape and reveal what's in style. Marie Claire regularly writes stories in both its magazine and on its web site about finding budget- and shape-friendly suits. Some the magazine recommends include an H&M cute cheap bikini set for under $26. Cosmo does the same, offering a guide to finding a suit by how big your bust or butt are in addition to cute cheap bikinis and one-pieces for under $30. Allure gives tips on finding cute bathing suits for cheap that also flatter your figure and last. They include buying suits made of a blend of Lycra and nylon, materials that tend to be more durable, and washing it correctly (let it soak for a few minutes).

What kind of suits should you stay away from this summer? Kansas City Star reports that the bathing suit style for this season is more covered-up and reminiscent of the 1940s and 50s, but these tend to be a little pricier. If you want something that really sucks you in and slims you, you may need to shell out more dough. ABC News reports that slimming bathing suits cost from $100 to $200.

Here are some of the best places for you to look for cute cheap bathing suits, most of which range from $15 to $30.

Photo by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret: This may seem like a surprising suggestion, but the ladies' underthings company does offer cute cheap bathing suits as part of its various sales throughout the year. While the company's current sale ended over the weekend, customers can still save up to 50-percent off on select cheap bikinis if they shop in the Clearance section or $49 and Under Bikini category. You can get even deeper discounts if you buy swimsuits out of season.

NewportNews: You can build your own cheap bikini year-round on the site for less than $30.

Swimsuits For All: The site, known for its plus-size offerings, has cute cheap bikinis and one-pieces for less than $30.

Forever21: This store appeals to a younger crowd, but young women should also consider shopping here for the really cheap prices. You can also find a cheap bikini or one-piece throughout the summer season. With the store's current sale, swimsuit pieces start at just $4.50 and you can mix and match.

Photo by Old Navy

Old Navy: This store is another one that lets you mix and match to find cute bathing suits for cheap. You can easily find options for less than $25.

PacSun: Mix and match to find cheap bathing suits at this site.

Alloy: This store is another great place to find cheap cute bikinis and one-pieces for less. Find mix and match for less than $20.

Express: The bikinis are already being discounted for the season at this major retailer, with offerings as low as $9.99 per piece.

Kmart, Walmart, and Target: You can really never go wrong shopping for cute bathing suits for cheap at this trio of discount retailers. Kmart has mix and match tops and bottoms for $9.99 each. Walmart really outdoes itself with entire sets of cheap bikinis for just $20, though you can also mix and match if you want for just as cheap or cheaper. One-piece offerings are as low as $15. Target's offerings are a little pricier, but you can still find cute cheap bathing suits for less than $20.

Photo by Kmart

Marshalls, and T.J.Maxx: These businesses offer discount designer wear in the stores. They don't have online shopping available, but if there is a location in your area, check it out for cheaper swimwear.

Swimwearplace.com: Find cute bathing suits for cheap for less than $30.

Amazon.com: Probably the best place to mix and match cheap cute bikinis for as little as you might imagine, Amazon offers a plethora of styles from different retailers. You can score offerings for less than $10, although you might have to dig a bit to find a style you like. Just make sure you're not buying a swimsuit that was already worn!

Other tips.

Always try to mix and match to find cheap cute bikinis or tankinis. Retailers offer lots of options for cute cheap bathing suits in the tankini style these days.

Keep a bottom or top from last season and simply buy a new one of the other. You can save half the price by updating your suit style in this way.

Buy early or late. You can find cute bathing suits for cheap -- up to 65-percent cheaper -- before and after the summer season starts.

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