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Leaf Blower Recommendations

Leaf Blower Picks and New Blog Post

Posted on 9/23/2011 15:30 EST

New Reviews:

Leaf Blowers.

With the leaves already starting to turn in some parts of the country, we've updated and expanded our leaf blowers buying guide. While you won't see any professional-grade backpack blowers among our picks, a budget handheld blower can provide plenty of power for an area of less than an acre.

Photo by saecker

We found high-quality electric leaf blowers for less than $100 and gas leaf blowers for less than $150. Several of the blowers on our list also vacuum leaves into a collection bag and can reduce 10 or more bushels of leaves to a single bushel of mulch. Our top picks are the electric Toro 51599 Ultra and the gas-powered Husqvarna 125B. Read more about these and other models in our complete guide to cheap leaf blowers.

Recent Blog Posts:

We're launching a new blog post series that covers the cheapest product in every category without adding any commentary on performance.

Photo by ElvertBarnes

Our first asks, "What's the cheapest computer?" and is a must-read if you're ready for a new computer but think the cost may be prohibitive. For this post our research identified the cheapest desktop (Zotac Black ZBOX) and netbook (ASUS Eee PC X101), each ringing in at just over $200, and the cheapest laptop, at just under $300 -- maybe that new computer isn't so out of reach, after all. Before you start shopping, though, read our full reviews on cheap laptops, cheap netbooks, and cheap desktop computers.

Look for our next installment, "What's the cheapest digital camera?"

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