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Best Lego Sets

Weekly Update: Best Lego Sets, Rice Cookers and More

Posted on 12/9/2011 16:09 EST

Check out the latest from this week at Cheapism:

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Lego. Legos generally don't come cheap, yet fans of the brand tend not to accept substitutes. We assessed the value of several relatively low-cost Lego kits to find the best buys for both kids and collectors. Two Star Wars sets, one Harry Potter set, and one Lego City set make our list of cheap Legos. All are highly playable, versatile, and collectible, and cost $40 or less.

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Rice Cookers. A cheap rice cooker can save you the hassle of burnt or undercooked rice and can even cook other kinds of food as well, such as beans or oatmeal. Our rice cookers buying guide has been updated with recommendations of the best cheap rice cookers now on the market.

New Blog Posts.

Hosting a Budget Holiday Party. Sticking to your budget doesn't have to mean foregoing fun. We've rounded up the best tips for hosting a budget holiday party, from music to food to invitations.

Rebate Tips. Rebates can save you big bucks on new products -- sometimes even score you stuff for free -- but you need to know how to use them correctly to get the refund. Our rebate tips post offers a full rundown of what to keep in mind, as well as a list of some enticing rebates available now.

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Real Christmas Trees.Holiday shoppers shell out between $15 and $200 for their Christmas trees. Our Christmas tree buying tips help you lean toward the $15 end of that spectrum with ideas like shopping on weeknights, when prices may be lower, and advice on how to haggle over your tree.

Daily Deal Apps.With the rising interest in daily deals, sites like Groupon have created apps that allow bargain hunters to view and buy the latest deals from their phones. We found the best daily deal apps so you can be sure the next great deal doesn't pass you by.

Daily Deals. We've been watching for the best cheap daily deals to help you with your holiday shopping. These deals change daily (and sometimes hourly) so be sure to stay tuned -- and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get up-to-the-moment deals news.

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