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Dollar Store Shopping

Worthwhile Dollar Store Purchases

Posted on 2/13/2012 12:27 EST

Here on the Cheapism blog we often refer to dollar store purchases. In an attempt to make your dollar store shopping even easier, we've compiled a list of best dollar store buys. Never been? You're missing out. The dollar store aisles are teeming with treasures just waiting to save you money. Here's what you can get:

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Party Supplies.

We've noted this before and Kiplinger's post on Yahoo! Shopping is on the same page. Dollar stores are awash in party supplies like balloons filled with helium, which go for just $1 each compared to $3 to $8 elsewhere. You can also load up on party decorations, gift bag fillers, and invitations at the dollar store. And for those all-important presents, you'll find wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and tape.

Stationery/Office Supplies.

While school supplies are best bought in August during back-to-school sales, the dollar store is a good place to stock up year-round. Check your local dollar store for paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, Post-it notes, tape, and more. Money Crashers points out the dollar store is a good place to get mailing supplies, such as bubble envelopes, for cheap. You can also pick up greeting cards for nearly $2 less than what you'd pay at other retailers.

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Kitchen Gear.

Every time we visit the dollar store we're surprised to find decent glass dishes and heavy-duty plastic wear for a dollar a piece. What's more, you can set your whole table with one-dollar items. At any given dollar store you're bound to find table cloths, place mats, table runners, cloth napkins, candle holders, serving ware, flatware, wine glasses and more in matching sets. You'll also find casserole dishes, baking tins, cookie sheets, and the like -- all for a dollar. Oh yes, salt and pepper shakers and food storage containers, too.

Home Goods.

Cleaning products can get pricey, especially if you buy name brands. Opt for off-brands from the dollar store instead. The Yahoo! Shopping article says the ingredients are the same although perhaps a bit diluted, but will still get the job done.

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In addition to cleaning supplies, you can get organization and storage containers at the dollar store. Look for things like shoe racks, hangers, and storage bins for less than what they'd cost at the cheapest big box store.

Holiday Decor.

The dollar store is a jackpot around holidays. For example, at Christmas you'll likely find everything you need to decorate a tree -- ornaments, lights, tinsel, and garland. At Easter you'll find Easter baskets galore. For smaller holidays, like Valentine's Day, you'll find plenty of cute candy holders, wreaths, and other decorations for home.

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Electronic Gadgets.

We're not about to suggest you buy a knock-off iPod at the dollar store, but we will tell you to look for cheap headphones to go with your real iPod. In fact, according to Moneyville, there are many small electronic gadgets worth getting at the dollar store. Items to look for include an iPod stand or case, portable device covers and skins, reading lights, and flashlights.

Don't Bother Items.

One final note: Some things aren't worth buying at the dollar store, and Good Housekeeping has prepared this video with tips to help you shop wisely at the dollar store.

Do come back and tell us about the best deals you found.

by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile)

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