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3D TV Recommendations

Weekly Update: 3D TV Recommendations, Cheap Dryers, and More.

Posted on 2/17/2012 16:21 EST

This week we published two new buying guides to help consumers spend less on a couple of big purchases: clothes dryers and 3D TVs. We also added a new city to our local recommendations on foursquare. Read on for more details and recent money-saving tips from our blog.

New Articles:


Experts encourage consumers to buy cheap dryers so they can concentrate their spending where it matters most: on the washing machine. Our picks may be plain, white dryers with few frills, but they offer sufficient capacity and deliver dry clothes for less than $500. The models on our list are available in both electric and gas-powered versions.

3D TVs.

A 3D display will cost you quite a bit more than a regular TV, although the technology is more affordable than ever. Cheap 3D TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic top our list. These models provide impressive color accuracy and deep black levels, making for excellent picture quality even when you're watching normal 2D television.
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Detroit Tips.

Whether you're planning to visit Michigan or live there year-round, check out these cheap local restaurants, activities, and hotels. Not Detroit-bound anytime soon? Find your hometown on our local tips page.

New Blog Posts:

Oscars Party.

Planning on hosting an Academy Awards party? We brought in a guest blogger from The Grocery Game to give you tips on how to feed your guests frugally.

Saving on Spring Break.

With spring break just around the corner, the beaches of Cancun will be getting crowded and, of course, expensive. Our cheap spring break ideas can help you plan a relaxing vacation within your budget.

Tax Infographic.

Tax season is here, and H&R Block has put together a clever infographic on the average U.S. taxpayer. How do you compare when it comes to tax statistics such as income level, tuition payments, and dependents? Click through to see the whole picture.

Dollar Store Deals.

If you've found yourself rifling through dollar store merchandise wondering if it's a steal or just junk, we've put together a dollar store shopping guide to the best buys, which include holiday decor and some small electronics.

by Kate Levin (Google+ Profile)

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