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Cheap Small Home Improvement Projects that Make a Statement

Posted on 3/14/2012 16:24 EST

Whether you're looking to fix up your house before selling it or simply want to make it look fresh and modern, we've got some tips for you. From the bathroom to the bedroom, there are little things that can add the "wow" factor without costing a fortune. Here's how to take your home from dull to shiny on the cheap.

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Home Improvement: Kitchen.

If you're selling your house, the kitchen and bathrooms are key. Who doesn't want a kitchen straight out of a magazine? Unfortunately, kitchen-focused home improvements are often associated with dollar signs -- and lots of them. But don't despair. You can freshen up the kitchen without shelling out big bucks.

Some do-it-yourself home improvements for the kitchen include updating cabinet and drawer handles, changing light fixtures, and installing a backsplash. You can also give cabinets a facelift by replacing, re-staining, or painting the door and drawer fronts.

Home Improvement: Bathrooms.

According to BankRate.com, bathrooms are easy to spruce up. Little home improvements, like replacing the toilet seat, re-grouting the bathtub tile, and replacing broken tiles, will instantly make your bathroom look updated. If your DIY remodeling schemes veer towards the adventurous, you can replace the sink with a modern pedestal sink for minimal cost. You can even change up the flooring cheaply by installing vinyl over the old floor.

Home Improvement: Flooring.

The floors throughout your home are also candidates for simple home improvement projects. According to DailyFinance, you can rent a carpet cleaner at any home improvement store and some grocery stores for less than $30 a day. All it takes is a 24-hour period (for an average-size home) to give your carpets a good scrub and make them look new again.

While you're working on that bathroom floor, you might as well replace the worn-out floor in the kitchen and entry way, too; low-cost vinyl will do nicely. Additionally, place an area rug atop a hardwood floor to cover blemishes but also to add color and texture.

Home Improvement: Walls.

One of the best and most affordable home improvement projects is painting a room -- or several. As DailyFinance points out, you can buy a can of paint, brushes, and other necessary tools for less than $50 and after a few hours of work, the room will look fresh and clean, with a pop of color.

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Home Improvement: Additional Ideas.

Little touches go a long way in changing the look and feel of any room in your home. Here are some small home improvement projects that will make a big impact in any room:
  • Change light switches and electric socket covers.
  • Change out light fixtures or spray paint the ones you have.
  • Change door knobs.
  • Replace old curtains with new curtains (if you know how to sew, make your own).
  • Clean or add mini blinds.
  • Add decorative accents like colorful couch pillows, wall hangings, mantle decorations, and more.
  • Rearrange the furniture.

What low cost home improvement projects have you undertaken lately?

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