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Family Dining Recommendations

Weekly Update: Family Dining Recommendations, Sunglasses Deals, and More.

Posted on 3/16/2012 17:40 EST

With more Americans choosing chain restaurants over independents, according to recent market research, we set out to find the best casual dining chains for families on a budget and published our rankings this week. We're also gearing up for spring with more cleaning tips, low-cost home improvement projects, apps to help you plan a cheap trip to New York City, and more.

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Best Family Dining.

We ate at five of the country's largest family restaurant chains and found that Chili's Grill & Bar offers the best value, based on price but also other factors such as portion size, lunch and dinner deals, and nutrition. Outback Steakhouse and Applebee's also stood out in our analysis of features and reviews by other diners and experts, while Ruby Tuesday and TGI Friday's failed to impress. Click through for our full report.

Sunglasses Deals.

Getting ready for sunny weather? Our research indicates it's best to buy your summer eyewear before the season arrives. We've rounded up the sites where you can find the best sunglasses deals.
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BBQ Grill Deals.

Spring brings the largest selection and the newest models but, unfortunately, not the lowest prices. Still, grill deals can be had if you scour online clearance sections and search by price. Find more money-saving strategies in our buying guide.

New Blog Posts:

Cheap Activities for Kids.

As winter winds down, a few new, frugal ways to keep kids occupied will stave off cabin fever for a bit longer. Whether your children might like getting busy in the kitchen baking, crafting greeting cards for friends and relatives, or one of our other cheap activities for kids, our tips will ensure that you have one more trick up your sleeve when the little ones start climbing the walls.

Homemade Cleaning Products.

Cheap is good; free is better. With our recipes for homemade cleaning products, you can get your spring cleaning done with common pantry items such as vinegar and baking soda.

Home Improvement Projects.

If you're looking to spruce up your home without going over budget, we have several ideas for cheap home improvement projects that will make a big impact.

NYC Apps.

Whether you live there year-round or are planning a vacation, our guide to the best NYC apps will help you find the best, hottest, and cheapest in New York.

by Kate Levin (Google+ Profile)

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