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Cheap Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted on 4/18/2012 10:28 EST

A spa day and jewelry are popular Mother's Day gifts, but a meaningful present need not be expensive. What mothers truly appreciate are the thought and/or the time (really!) family members devote to imagining, planning, and delivering a gift she'll remember for years to come. The cheap Mother's Day gift ideas listed below are all about the love.

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Organize old family photos.

Dig up old family photos from the attic and give your mother two gifts in one. Ditch the shoeboxes and worn-out albums and organize the years into a new, comprehensive photo album. Mom will cherish the album, which can be passed down through the generations, and appreciate the tidying up at least as much.

Show off your cooking skills.

Remember the days when you "helped" Mom cook by stirring under her watchful eye? Now's the time to show off your grown-up cooking skills by conjuring a five-star brunch or an impressive dinner at home. Choose dishes from your repertoire that would expand her horizons, or make your version of an old childhood favorite. For more Mother's Day gift ideas, check our cheap dinner ideas for meals that are as thrifty as they are impressive.

Spend the day with Mom.

Give the gift of time and make new memories together. Clear your packed schedule for one day and devote it entirely to quality time with Mom. Many mothers would be thrilled to spend a few hours with their children, no matter what activities are in the offing. Bake cookies, picnic in the park, go to brunch, or just reminisce at home. Mom will always remember the conversations, and you might even learn something new about your family history.

Make crafts for Grandma.

If you have kids, let them flex their artistic muscles by making a cheap Mother's Day gift for grandma. Buy a plain canvas apron from a craft store that your children can decorate using fabric paint. The personalized apron makes a perfect sentimental, yet functional, gift. Or have your children paint a piece of pottery for grandma. A few spots of ceramic paint do wonders for a serving platter or flowerpot, or check out your local pottery painting workshop for other forms to pretty up.

Give a garden.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Present your mother a garden that she can watch grow for years. Plant brightly-colored flowers near her door or front porch, or landscape a small area around a tree. A pair of gardening gloves and a small shovel round out this cheap Mother's Day gift idea. Better yet, spend the day shopping with her for favorite flowers and plant seeds, and then return home for some side-by-side gardening.

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Indulge her interests.

Nurture your mother's interest in a topic or hobby with magazines. For a cheap Mother's Day gift that lasts for an entire year (or as long as the subscription period), buy a magazine subscription using discount magazine sources such as MagazineLine.com and Amazon. Some sites offer bundled deals for two or three magazines at once so you, and she, don't have to choose one pastime over another.

Teach her the latest tech.

One useful and very cheap Mother's Day gift idea is to help your tech-challenged mom become tech-savvy. Teach her how to use Skype or video chat. Give her a cheap digital camera and show her how to upload and share photos with family and friends. Help her join the social networking world by setting up a Facebook page for her; she'll be grateful to discover new ways to keep in touch with old friends and lost relatives.

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