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Bridal Shower Ideas

Budget Bridal Shower Ideas

Posted on 4/19/2012 17:36 EST

It's no secret that weddings are expensive. In fact, WeddingStats.com reports that the average cost of a wedding this year will reach nearly $27,000. And, as we noted in a previous Cheapism blog post, the average wedding guest spends between $550 and $700 per wedding - and that's just as a guest. So listen up, bridal party members: You may be expected to dole out some cash for the bridal shower in addition to your outfit, gifts, and bachelor/bachelorette party.

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For bridal shower ideas that will leave you solvent after the big day, read on.

Split the bridal shower expense.

Just because you're the bride's maid of honor, or sister, or mother in-law, or whatever title makes you feel obligated to host the bridal shower solo - don't. It's completely acceptable to ask all the bridesmaids to pitch in. If you do go this route, The Knot stresses that you be clear upfront about what everyone owes and exchange money prior to the bash. We've also learned through experience that if you're asking people to chip in financially, ask them to help with the planning.

Find a free venue.

Hosting the bridal shower at the newest, most posh restaurant in town sounds enticing, but do your bank account a favor. Search instead for a free venue and spend a little extra on supplies to make the site look sophisticated and modern. For example, a bridesmaid's or relative's backyard, a park, the beach, or even the maid of honor's living room can be turned into a festive venue for a bridal shower.

Use DIY bridal shower invitations.

Today's technology makes it cheap and easy to send bridal shower invitations via email. If you prefer to send bridal shower invitations via snail mail, however, pick up decorative paper on sale and then design and print the invites at home.

Avoid serving a full meal.

And if your budget doesn't allow for it, extend the prohibition to alcohol, as well. Both are easily accomplished if you choose the right time of day to host the bridal shower. For example, a tea shower can be held mid-morning and guests won't expect breakfast or lunch, never mind wine or beer. Just serve finger foods along with coffee and tea, iced or hot.

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Get supplies and decorations on a budget.

It's no secret that we're fans of the dollar store, which can be a goldmine of goodies for a bridal shower. You can get streamers, balloons, invitations, bridal shower game awards, and elegant plastic serving ware all for a very budget-friendly price. You also find centerpiece ideas, such as glass vases, baskets, and candles.

Use free bridal shower games.

You don't need much entertainment at a bridal shower. People are coming to see the bride and wish her well, so it's perfectly acceptable to let the bride socialize with her guests and nibble on the food, then open her gifts. If you want to spice it up and throw in a bridal shower game or two, The Knot offers some good ideas, such as Words of Wisdom and Bridal Bingo. Click around and you'll find numerous other bridal sites that offer free bridal shower games.

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