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Weekly Update: Range Recommendations, Printers, and More.

Posted on 4/21/2012 7:06 EST

Whether you're enjoying spring by sprucing up your home, planning for Mother's day, or preparing for your next vacation, Cheapism has you covered this week. We've got updates on multifunction printers and ranges, as well as guides to cheap home improvements, gardening, traveling with your credit card, and more.

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Whether gas or electric, there's a good cheap range to be had for less than $600. We identified four models that boil, simmer, bake, roast, and broil to users' satisfaction, are easy to clean, and don't short-change on features. Even in this price range you can choose between models with sealed or open gas burners, a smooth electric cooktop or coiled elements, and a manual or self-cleaning oven.

All-In-One Printers.

A multifunction printer is about as all-purpose as could be: it prints, copies, and scans, and some models can fax, as well. All of our picks produce good-looking text and photos and at least passable color graphics, and do so at a decent pace. Users appreciate the value of these compact devices, which sell for $100 or less.
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New Blog Posts:

Credit Card Travel.

If you like to travel (which you probably do) and you like credit cards (which you almost certainly do), then it's worth making sure you're getting every credit card travel benefit you're entitled to. Our guide will help you do just that.

Budget Bridal Shower Ideas.

Keeping a bridal shower to a budget helps to keep stress to a minimum during what should be a celebratory time. Our frugal and DIY tips will ensure a sweet bridal shower without spending big bucks -- and this goes for bride and/or hostess alike.

Cheap Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

It's the thought that counts, not the price tag. You know that age-old adage. But it can still be hard to come up with creative and meaningful gift ideas for Mother's Day. Read the post with our favorite (and thrifty) suggestions for Mother's Day.

5 High-Impact Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas.

Whether your house is going on the market or you're just looking for some added curb appeal, these cheap home improvement tips will spruce up your pad without breaking the bank.

Procrastinator's Tax Guide.

"Funny" and "taxes" aren't often used in the same sentence, but we think that this taxes infographic might be worthy of a break with tradition.

Urban Gardening.

Whether you live in an apartment or just don't have time for big backyard gardening, our guide to cheap urban gardening is a hassle-free start to introducing plant life into your home regardless of space or budget constraints.

Bikinis on a Budget.

It's time to shake off those winter blues and begin planning a summer in the sun. What better way to get a jump on the season than to set out on a hunt for cheap swimwear? Our guide includes online and brick-and-mortar stores where you can score cool deals on hot beachwear.

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