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Cheap Mother's Day Flowers

Affordable Mother's Day Flowers for a Lasting Impression

Posted on 5/1/2012 21:36 EST

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With Mother's Day around the corner, no doubt you and everyone else is thinking about flowers for that special mom in your life. In fact, the National Retail Federation says that this year, 66 percent of the people planning to celebrate Mother's Day expect to buy flowers, making May 13 a $2.2 billion holiday for the flower industry.

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But let's face it, buying flowers on or around Mother's Day is no cheap affair. Typically Mother's Day and Valentine's Day give rise to a drastic increase in flower prices due to higher than normal demand.

To present your mom with a beautiful bouquet that's not only affordable but will last longer than a few days, here are some buying tips.

Buy Cheap Flowers.

When you think of flowers, long-stem roses probably come to mind. But with their elegant reputation, long-stem roses cost a pretty penny. According to Wise Bread, a much cheaper but still beautiful alternative is the spray rose, which has a shorter stem and smaller bloom.

Are roses too thorny for your taste? Try tulips. Flowers Ideas Online notes they're in season now and much gentler on the wallet than long-stem roses. Some other choices that make beautiful and cheap Mother's Day bouquets include carnations, alstroemerias (also known as Peruvian lilies) and hydrangeas.

Buy Long-Lasting Flowers.

Cut flowers for bouquets don't generally have a long lifespan, but certain species last longer than others. Of the cheap flowers available for Mother's Day, carnations and Peruvian lilies hold on the longest. Carnations typically last seven to 14 days, while Peruvian lilies keep on going for up to eight days (with proper care). Tulips have the shortest lifespan -- just five days -- while roses thrive for about seven days. Hydrangeas fall in between these two, remaining perky from five to seven days.

Money-Saving Tips.

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In addition to finding cheap flowers, you can cut costs on a Mother's Day bouquet in other ways.
  • Don't buy flowers in arrangements. Buy them by the stem and then arrange them yourself.
  • Buy local stems that are in season. Your local farmers market is an excellent source for seasonal, cheap flowers.
  • Reuse a vase you already have for your Mother's Day bouquet. If you don't have one you're willing to part with, hit up the dollar store for a cheap vase.
  • If you're buying flowers online, start looking well ahead of Mother's Day. Some florists discount flowers in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day and then raise prices a few days before.
  • If you're sending flowers through a service, have them delivered the day before Mother's Day. Most delivery services charge more to deliver on Mother's Day.

Avoid Premature Wilting.

If you order delivery flowers you won't need to keep them fresh yourself. If you make your own arrangement, however, you can avoid wilting by caring for them properly before giving them away. FTD offers the following general care recommendations:
  • Add fresh, room temperature water treated with flower food to the bouquet everyday. Flowers should always be in water.
  • Every few days cut stems under running water at an angle with a knife.
  • Remove dead blooms to encourage new growth and keep leaves out of the vase. Leaves in the water can cause bacteria growth that will drastically shorten the flowers' lifespan.

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