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Cheap Pet Gifts for Under the Tree

Posted on 12/10/2012 11:17 EST

A reminder to all you frugal pet owners this holiday season: Remember to pick up a special gift for your furry friend. But don't fret about funding a present for your pet. For as little as $15 you can find plenty of items for under the tree that will provide hours of glee. Here's a roundup of some cheap gifts for pets.

Fur-So-Fresh Groominator

Cheap Pet Grooming Tools.

Most furballs like a good back scratching or brushing here and there, so check out the wide assortment of cheap grooming gifts. For just $12 the Fur-So-Fresh Groominator Dog and Cat 2 in 1 Deshedding Tool is a good value, especially for dual-animal households. You can use this gift for pets to brush and eliminate excess hair on dogs and cats (horses, too). In reviews at Amazon pet owners award the Groominator high marks for its budget price and its effectiveness; most say their pets like or at least tolerate the brush because it doesn't pull roughly or scratch.

If a brush is somewhat intimidating for your four-legged buddy, the Love Glove Grooming Mitt (starting at $7) is a good alternative gift for pets. Worn as a glove, it removes shedding hair as you pet your dog or cat.

Cheap Pet Toys.

What dog doesn't like a good squeaker toy? Tuff Ones offers a line of gifts for pets, including a plush Gingerbread Man that starts at less than $5. These squeak toys can take some serious abuse and are relatively resistant to tears and rips, according to pet owners' reviews at Amazon. We've also seen the toys in Christmas tree and candy cane shapes.

If you have a cat or two, try making your own cheap pet gift. Check out our Homemade Toys to Keep Your Cat Happy blog post, which includes instructions for crafting a stuffed mouse with an extra long tail just what the cat ordered for batting around.

Pet Treats.

Pets are easy friends to buy gifts for because their needs are simple: they eat, sleep, and play. One key to a dog's devotion is through the tummy. For the canine on your list, holiday rawhide would make a perfect gift for a pet. Petco carries numerous varieties, ranging from wreaths to candy canes, many priced between $5 and $10.

For felines with a tendency to overindulge their tummies, the PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser is a "purrfect" gift for pets. Just $6 gets you a round food dispenser that spits out morsels of grub as the cat plays with it exercise and feeding time rolled into one. Pet parents' reviews say the toy/dispenser eliminates begging for food and keeps cats entertained while discouraging overeating and the resulting mess.

by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile)

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