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Return Policies Recommendations

Weekly Update: Return Policy Recommendations, Common Cold Remedies and More

Posted on 1/11/2013 13:59 EST

Out with the old and in with the new - lots of posts from us to you this week. Renew yourself with a different job or a no-smoking pledge for an extended lease on life. Instead of regifting or hiding away those unwanted presents, check the store return policies to see if and how you can return or exchange the item. Learn tips to protect your family from this year's virulent flu and common cold attacks. And then quietly celebrate your accomplishments at the end of this new day with a tasty chocolate chip cookie -- or two.

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New Articles:

Return Policies.

Need to return unwanted gifts or items purchased throughout the year? Our guide sheds light on the muck of receipt jargon for 22 retailers. Also find out which policies are more customer-friendly than others.
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Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Just a few bucks can buy you a tantalizing treat of chocolate chip cookies. Our taste test confirms which bargain varieties are top of the heap in the taste department.

New Blog Posts:

Job Hunting on the Cheap: DIY Resume and Cover Letter Tips.

A new year, a new career? It all starts with a solid resume. Read our tips to help you create the resume that will help you land a dream job.

Quit Smoking and Save.

Smoking adversely affects your health and also your wealth. Fortunately, there are many frugal paths to kicking your habit. Take one and the financial rewards will be as invigorating as fresh air.

Frugal Tips for Fighting the Common Cold.

Unfortunately this year's cold and flu season is proving particularity severe. Protect yourself and your family with these frugal remedies for the common cold.

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