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9 Easy Ways to Decorate for Easter on the Cheap

Posted on 3/19/2013 9:30 EST

Given that the Easter Bunny often arrives in April, you may be surprised to see that the holiday is coming up quickly this year, on March 31. Before you run out and purchase ready-made Easter decorations, see what you can create with some cheap supplies or by repurposing things you already have in your home. Here are nine easy Easter decorating ideas to try.

Photo by sxc.hu/juliaf

1. Give Christmas lights another chance to shine.

Lights can liven up any holiday -- and provide more value if you use them more than once a year. Dig out a box of white lights from the basement or the garage and create an outline of an Easter bunny. Colored strings can make festive Easter eggs.

2. Turn soup cans into vases for flowers.

This is an easy Easter decorating idea from Catie Parrish, an editor and blogger at Wayfair.com. Wash out soup cans and wrap them in scraps of fabric or paint them in simple pastel patterns, such as stripes and polka dots.

3. Use wrapping paper in place of a table runner.

Baby shower paper embellished with bunnies or chicks works especially well, Parrish says. You can also cover an entire table to protect the surface while your brood dyes Easter eggs.

4. Use cookie cutters outside the kitchen.

No more party mixes in plain glass bowls! Instead, place a bunny- or chick-shaped cookie cutter on a small plate and fill it with pistachios or a single color of Easter M&M's.

5. Hang a handcrafted sign.

To make a "Happy Easter" sign that should hold up year after year, all it takes is ribbon, wooden craft letters and clothespins, and card stock in a few different colors and patterns. All You provides instructions for this Easter decorating idea.

6. Make a candle more colorful.

If you have a pillar candle in a glass hurricane that you display year-round, this is an easy Easter decorating idea: Surround the base of the candle with jellybeans. No hurricane candleholders in the house? Fill an empty glass vase with jellybeans to achieve a similar effect.

Photo by sxc.hu/juliaf

7. Bring the great outdoors indoors.

Your yard can yield Easter decor even if the daffodils have yet to pop. Wayfair's Parrish suggests filling a large vase with branch clippings for a starkly elegant -- and free -- decoration.

8. Turn Dollar Store figurines into a modish display.

An old Easter decorating idea from the blog House of Hepworths is making the rounds on Pinterest: Pick up several ceramic bunnies, chicks, and perhaps crosses, if you celebrate the religious side of the holiday, and spray-paint them all a uniform white. Cluster them together as a centerpiece, surrounded by moss or Easter grass, or set them up on a shelf.

9. Weave an Easter basket.

Don't worry -- no basket-making course required. This craft can give you a cute way to display eggs and reuse a couple of everyday items you might otherwise throw out. What you'll need: a plastic mesh berry basket, ribbon, doubled-sided tape, a wire hanger, a wire cutter, needle-nose pliers, and a hot glue gun. Again, you can find directions at All You.

by Alyssa Goldman (Google+ Profile)

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