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Student Travel Deals

Cheap Summer Trips for Students

Posted on 4/2/2013 12:19 EST

In seemingly no time at all, another school year will have ended. Non-working students can celebrate the freedom with a do-nothing vacation or an interactive learning experience. With deadlines fast approaching for summer programs and related student travel deals, the time to plan for a cheap student summer trip is now.

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Social Learning Programs & Projects Abroad.

Students who revel in learning can use the summer to acquire new skills, learn a foreign language, launch career prep, and/or gain volunteer experience. These trips often carry a nominal cost, but a few actually offer small compensation. More importantly, a cheap student summer trip is a golden opportunity to enhance your resume and perhaps receive some college credit.

Volunteer opportunities abroad exist even in fields such as law and medicine. Check out options at United Planet and Projects Abroad. Many programs are flexible with dates, duration, and location.

For students interested in cultural enrichment, a foreign language immersion program might be just the thing. The website Language Vacation specializes in trip placement. Go Abroad and Transitions Abroad, two other helpful websites, post cheap student summer trip opportunities for volunteering, interning, and teaching overseas.

Summer internships are often available through universities or pop up through online searches. Summer Internships and Intern Match link students to internship programs. Search for scholarships and grants to cover applicable fees.

Student Travel Deals.

Websites such as STA Travel and Student Universe post deals and discounts on all aspects of travel, from airfare to tours; verification of college enrollment is generally required to qualify for these student travel deals. Other lesser known travel sites that cater to the college crowd include Travelosophy, Travel Cuts, Adventure Student Travel, and Premier Travel. Budget travel site Cheapoair also features bargains for travel-bound students.

When searching for cheap student summer trips, be loose about dates, times, and desired destinations. A few airlines offer exclusive deals for college students with one critical catch: Schedule flexibility is a must, as travel dates are heavily dependent on standby seats. American Airlines, AirTran's AirTran U, and Lufthansa Airlines's GenerationFly all offer student travel deals.

Hostels, once the mainstay for student travel on the cheap, are so last century. Arrangements made through sites such as Couch Surfing are now in vogue as a reliable way to connect travelers with free room and new friends. Global Free Loaders and Hospitality Club are two other hospitality exchange sites worth exploring.

If rail or bus figure into an upcoming cheap student summer trip, note that both college and high school students are eligible for Amtrak's Student Advantage card, which provides a 15 percent saving on rail and bus tickets plus discounts on retail purchases, food, and more; a one-year membership costs a mere $20. And don't forget the umbrella travel websites Priceline, Hotwire, and Kayak.

Student Discounts.

Discounts for student travelers are plentiful, whether applied to museum fees, airfare, lodging, and etc. The industry standard for a student traveler covers ages 12 to 26 with evidence of a valid student ID or some other proof of enrollment. An International Student Identity Card helps ensure a cheap student summer trip with discounts on travel and services at home and abroad. Another student travel discount card comes from the International Student Exchange, which sets no upper age limit.

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