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Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

5 Cheap Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Posted on 4/25/2013 12:51 EST

It may not be an American holiday per se, but Cinco de Mayo is celebrated all over the country with tequila, margaritas, parties, chips, and salsa. Our contribution to the festivities: five cheap Cinco de Mayo party ideas.

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But first things first -- what is Cinco de Mayo? The day, May 5, marks the anniversary of the Mexican army's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the 1862 Franco-Mexican War. The French ultimately captured Mexico City, but Mexico's triumphant battle is reason enough to celebrate. Even 151 years later, the historic battle is a symbol of nationalism and patriotism among the Mexican people.

Here's to Cinco de Mayo...

1. Brighten up your table with paper flowers. Grab some colored tissue paper and create a "must" element of Cinco de Mayo décor: tissue paper flowers. All you need for this cheap Cinco de Mayo party idea is four sheets of 6" x 12" tissue paper, a pipe cleaner, and the ability to follow directions. Don't want to DIY it? Purchase handmade paper flowers without the guilt -- eight Chayo's Flowers cost $3.95. A tip from Wayfair.com: Use cans of Mexican or Spanish products as vases and decorate as you please.

2. Make your own papel picado. Papel picado, festive banners of intricately cut paper, are a Cinco de Mayo tradition. With some construction or tissue paper, string, scissors, tape or a glue stick, and a pencil, you can turn this cheap Cinco de Mayo party idea into a family art project. Alternatively, you can buy papel picado banners for less than $10.

3. Display a buffet. Let the guests do (almost) all the work. Another tip from Wayfair: Set up a taco bar or a make-your-own quesadilla spread with a quesadilla maker in tow. Don't have one? Walmart stocks an 8-inch electric model by Nostalgia Electrics for $19. If you just can't let your guests have all the fun, try one of these quesadilla recipes.

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4. Stock up on appetizers. For appetizers, a cheap Cinco de Mayo party idea calls for bulk buying of tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole. If you don't want to buy guacamole or salsa from the grocery store, make them yourself. Check Food Network for recipes.

5. Label drinks. Some Cinco de Mayo-themed drinks may not be familiar to guests, so label the dispensers. Set out easy-to-make beverages, like horchata (a creamy drink made with rice and milk) and agua fresca (a fruit drink that's English translation is "fresh water"), along with sangria and iced tea.

by Alyssa Goldman (Google+ Profile)

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