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Cheap & Original Halloween Costumes for 2013

5 Cheap and Trendy Halloween Costumes for 2013

Posted on 10/3/2013 13:20 EST

Every year Halloween creeps up and surprises thousands into last-minute, costly costume choices. But just a little planning can lead to a timely and cheap Halloween costume for 2013.

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Here's the inside skinny: Identify this year's pop culture icons or characters from the hottest movies and TV shows. Then narrow the list to people who can be easily, and cheaply, replicated.

Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad.

Grab an old suit from the closet (or borrow one from a parent or friend) and head to a second-hand store for a matching tie and handkerchief set. The Bluetooth earpiece probably can be found at a flea market or garage sale. Top off this of-the-moment cheap Halloween costume with business cards ordered online, where it's often possible to find free packs at VistaPrint (shipping will cost a few dollars). Have the cards printed with a favorite quote or "attorney at law," but be careful about the phone number -- someone might decide to call.
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Gru, the evil super-villain from Despicable Me.

Dark pants and a dark jacket are the basis for this 2013 Halloween costume and large shoulder pads are what make it authentic. A striped scarf, and fake long nose and bald cap (from a local costume store) seal the deal. If a friend (or ten) can be convinced into dressing up as Minions, all the better.


Even after years of Zombie madness the rise of the undead doesn't seem to be abating. This is a good thing for folks who start looking for used, cheap zombie costumes well before Halloween 2013. Acquaintances who dressed up as zombies in years past are surely looking for something new, and they may be able to lend a severed limb or two. Alternatively, make a costume with old clothing and decorative makeup.

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

This 2013 Halloween costume is best reserved for revelers who live in warmer climes, but given there's so little clothing to buy, it sure is cheap. Getting the hair and thick lipstick right can be time intensive, though.

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The year's favorite pastry may scare others with its calorie count but will definitely be the sweetest costume out there. This idea can be executed in a variety of ways. A singleton can wear a French cap and a decorated Hula Hoop held up with suspenders. A couple can dress up as a donut and croissant (brown or yellow clothing with accents in the opposite color) and bring along a tightly bound baby doll. Party-goers with a sense of humor could just dress up as a donut, arrive late, and offer the excuse of being "a little flakey."

Short of time or skills needed to craft a low-cost and trend-forward Halloween 2013 costume? Buying or renting is always an option. CostumesGalore,net stocks all kinds of Halloween attire and accessories. Fake mustaches sell for as little as $4 and entire costumes can be rented for $35 and up. Shopping around, online or at local stores, may yield ghoulish savings; pop-up costume stores, uh, pop up all over during the fall.

Still, DIY Halloween costumes are generally the most fun, attract the most comments, and ultimately are the cheapest. Aim for a character who dresses in garments that you may find hanging at the back of the closet or are easy to pick up at second hand stores. Sharing resources with a group of friends is an obvious money-saving tactic -- a tube of Halloween makeup or fake blood provides plenty to go around.

by Louis DeNicola (Google+ Profile)

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