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Halloween 2014: 5 Cheap and Trendy Halloween Costumes

Posted on 10/10/2014 12:03 EST

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Every year Halloween creeps up and surprises thousands into last-minute, costly costume choices. But just a little planning can lead to a timely and cheap Halloween costume for 2014.

cheap halloween costumes for 2014
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Here's the inside skinny: Identify this year's pop culture icons or characters from the hottest movies and TV shows. Then narrow the list to celebrities, real or imagined, who can be easily, and cheaply, replicated.

Zombies. Even after years of Zombie madness the rise of the undead doesn't seem to be abating. This is a good thing for folks who started looking for used zombie costumes well before Halloween 2014. Acquaintances who dressed up as zombies in years past are surely searching for something new, and they may have a severed limb or two to loan out. Alternatively, make a costume with old clothing and decorative makeup.

Elsa from Disney's Frozen. This Halloween 2014 costume may take some time and a little cash outlay, but there's no denying this princess or her sister Ana will be the hit of any spooky gathering this year. Women (or girls) with long hair can braid it and don a blue calf-length sleeveless dress found at the thrift store. (Any blue dress works, but alterations may be necessary for authenticity's sake.) Buy a piece of sheer white fabric and drape it over your shoulders to complete the look.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Yep, that's right. This costume is selling online for $39.99, but you can make it yourself and save a bucket full of dough. So gather one up, glue totally transparent fabric around the rim so that it drapes down over you when holding the bucket above your head. Attach faux ice cubes (aluminum foil folded into squares), carry an ice cube tray, and now you're someone who survived the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Rust Cohle of True Detective. Men hunting for a cheap Halloween 2014 costume should put on a pair of slacks, a button-down shirt, a loosely knotted tie, and a slightly rumpled suit jacket. The Rust Cohle character seems to be a bit shabby, so thrift store finds are just the ticket. Alternatively, substitute a lightweight navy blue jacket and wear it zipped up. The final touch: a homemade Louisiana Homicide Detective badge.

An Inmate from Orange Is the New Black. Tan or orange jumpsuits that strongly resemble scrubs are the clothing choice for anyone planning to celebrate Halloween 2014 as one of the gals from the fictional Litchfield Prison. This costume is easy to fashion on the cheap. Decide which character you want to be and capitalize on her defining traits. For Red, dye (temporary) your hair bright red and speak with a Russian accent. For Alex Vause, go with a dark hair color and wear it long and stringy, and add a pair of dark, '60s-style glasses. Nicky Nichols calls for big and crazy hair, dark eyeliner, and lots of attitude. The Lorna Morello look is all about curly hair, lots of perfect makeup and red lipstick, and non-stop talk (in a thick Brooklyn accent while smacking on gum) about your "fiancÚ" and upcoming wedding. Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren wannabes should do up their hair in tight knots and look at everyone at the party with big, crazy eyes. Oddly, the main character -- Piper Chapman -- presents with few defining characteristics other than stringy blonde hair. Don't forget to make your Litchfield inmate nametag and attach it to your jumpsuit (or scrubs).

The Easy Way Out. If you're short on time or the skills needed to craft a cheap and trendy Halloween costume, buying or renting is always an option. The website of Costumes Galore showcases all manner of Halloween attire and accessories. Fake mustaches sell for as little as $4 and entire costumes can be rented for $35 and up. Shopping around online or at local stores may yield ghoulish savings. Pop-up costume stores, uh, pop up all over during the fall.

Still, DIY Halloween costumes are generally the most fun, attract the most comments, and are the most budget-friendly. Choose a character who dresses in garments that may be hanging at the back of your closet or are readily available at second-hand stores. Sharing supplies with friends is an obvious money-saving tactic. A tube of Halloween makeup or fake blood provides plenty to go around.

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by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile)

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