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Weekly Update: Best Cheap Pharmacies, Cutting Heating Costs, & More

Posted on 10/31/2014 15:53 EST

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November has arrived, bringing seasonal deals ahead of the holidays. Keep warm and cook up some autumnal dishes on the cheap. Learn how to make your clothes last longer and keep up the spirit of National Cat Day, which feline lovers celebrated this week. Compare the best places to buy health, beauty, and personal-care items and brainstorm budget-friendly date ideas. Anyone planning a holiday road trip should know whether they need rental car insurance. For an amusing Friday-afternoon distraction, check out our roundup of bizarre coupons. Read More

What to Buy (and Not Buy) in November

Posted on 10/31/2014 7:02 EST

To buy or not to buy in November? That's the big question as the official kickoff to the biggest shopping season of the year begins. This is the month when seemingly everything is on sale, from electronics to apparel to appliances and furniture. So what's worth buying in November and what's worth waiting on? Read More

Cheap Fall Dishes: 5 Apple and Pumpkin Recipes

Posted on 10/31/2014 7:01 EST

It's no secret that eating in season is a sure-fire way to find the best produce and save a bundle. The arrival of autumn ushers in one of the best times of year for our taste buds and our wallets. Apples and pumpkins are everywhere these days and selling at dirt cheap prices. We just bought an enormous pumpkin for $3.99 and most apple varieties (even organic) are going for less than a dollar a pound in the Columbus, Ohio area. In celebration of the bounty, we've assembled a small collection of apple recipes and one pumpkin option that will rock your palate but not your budget. Read More

36 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Posted on 10/29/2014 9:57 EST

Clothes may be expensive, but they are a necessity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that annual household spending on apparel and services amounted to $1,604 per person in 2013 -- not a small amount, especially for a family. But here's the good news: A little attention to detail, at no extra cost, means your clothes will last a whole lot longer -- perhaps up to 15 years, according to Deal News. We've compiled a list of 36 ways to lengthen the lifespan of your clothing without spending a dime. Read More

13 Situations Where You Should Always Use a Credit Card

Posted on 10/29/2014 9:04 EST

Amassing credit card debt and bearing the weight of exorbitant interest rates can spell financial doom. But there are many circumstances when it makes sense (and cents) to use that little piece of plastic. For some consumers, maximizing the associated rewards is reason enough while others value the simplicity of paying a single bill at the end of the month. Moreover -- recent data breaches at Target, Home Depot, and JPMorgan notwithstanding -- credit cards are generally safer than debit cards because they're not linked to your checking account. Read More

10 Ways to Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Posted on 10/29/2014 8:59 EST

Chilly winter weather is synonymous with cozy sweaters, hot cocoa -- and expensive energy bills. It's no surprise that running the heating system nonstop on high will cause your energy bill to skyrocket, especially compared with the warmer months, when you can open a window or use a fan to cool down. But you don't have to go broke staying warm. Here are 10 tips to help make your energy use more efficient and your bills more affordable. Read More

20 Fees to Stop Paying Now

Posted on 10/28/2014 12:38 EST

Whether it's 50 cents to use your credit card, $36 to upgrade your phone, or $75 for an overweight bag at the airport, nobody likes paying fees. We combed through the in-depth reviews we've written in the past, tips from online sources, and our own personal experiences to bring you 20 fees that you should stop paying. With some, just a little work upfront means no more worry about add-ons. With others, you must always keep your wits about you. Read More

8 Bizarre Coupons and Deals

Posted on 10/28/2014 10:20 EST

We've seen the lengths people go to with coupons. An explosion of TV shows, books, and blogs has shown that determined clipping, snapping, and stacking can magically reduce a $100 tab to just a few dollars. Such feats are becoming more rare, as retailers and manufacturers amend the rules, but there's still no shortage of craziness in the couponing world. On sites such as Coupons, amid run-of-the-mill deals such as a dollar off cereal or 50 cents off a candy bar, you might see a plastic surgeon offering a discounted "syringe" of Juvederm or Restylane. Here are eight other offbeat coupons we came across online. Read More

15 Tips for Raising a Cat on a Budget

Posted on 10/28/2014 8:51 EST

Cats are relatively independent animals but count on their human "parents" for nourishment, shelter, care, and attention. Although cheaper to own than many other types of pets, the lifetime cost of responsible cat ownership can reach $20,000, according to Mint. In honor of National Cat Day, we compiled a list of 15 tips to help you raise a cat without straining your budget. Read More

9 Budget-Friendly Dates That Won't Make You Look Cheap

Posted on 10/27/2014 11:50 EST

No one wants to be known as the date who cheaped out. But considering how expensive dating can get, what's a tightwad to do? Luckily, there are ways to impress without having to spend much money. These nine first dates are both cheap and a tad offbeat, but your date will never know you're saving up until you're sure the relationship is worth the investment. Read More

Do You Need to Buy Rental Car Insurance?

Posted on 10/27/2014 8:41 EST

Whether you're renting a car for a day or an entire week, you've probably had a friend or relative tell you to waive the offered insurance. "Your credit card has it covered," they'll say. Plus, doesn't your car insurance also cover rentals? But then the agent insists there are lots of limitations and exclusions, and paying the extra $10 to $25 per day limits your exposure and provides comprehensive protection. Do you cave or trust that you're well insulated? Read More

Our Retail Partners

Posted on 10/26/2014 10:57 EST

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Weekly Update: When to Use Your Credit Card, Retail Health Clinics, & More

Posted on 10/24/2014 12:28 EST

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Want to learn more about personal finance? Get on the right track with the help of free resources. Find out when it actually pays to use a credit card and start setting up your grandchildren for future riches. Time is running out to grab a deal on cheap holiday travel. Keep up with work on the go using a cheap mobile hotspot. A cheap homemade pizza or vegetarian slow-cooker recipe will feed the family without a fuss. And do you really need snow tires? Read More

Comparing the Best Cheap Mobile Hotspots

Posted on 10/23/2014 12:22 EST

Most of us stay connected to the Internet through smartphones, but when it comes to getting work done on the go, phones aren't the most convenient tool. What you really need is a low-cost mobile hotspot (MiFi) for a reliable Internet connection. There are many options out there, so use this guide to help you choose the best cheap plan. Read More

Are Snow Tires Really Necessary?

Posted on 10/23/2014 7:58 EST

To buy or not to buy -- an age-old dilemma and one that certainly applies to snow tires. If you're someone who goes by the Farmers' Almanac, listen up. The 2015 winter forecast calls for extreme cold periods in much of the United States, with lots of storm activity, piles of snow, and buckets of rain. Under the (predicted) circumstance, snow tires may be a "must have" for drivers in some regions of the country. Read More

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