Weekly Update: Winter Travel, Food, and More


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Whether you're relishing the cold weather or battling the winter blues, we've got you covered this week at Cheapism. Escape the snow at an all-inclusive resort right here in the United States or on a budget trip to a tropical destination. Or, embrace it with a getaway to a winter vacation spot and cheap or free things to do on a snow day. Also on the blog this week: how to work out without leaving the house, cool gadgets from CES under $200, winter superfoods, and more.

New and Updated Blog Posts:

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25 Finger Foods for Game Day Entertaining and Beyond

Make your own kale chips, veggie sushi, and even sliders and ribs for next to nothing and make that Super Bowl or Oscars party filling as well as fun.

Battle the Bulge Without the Gym: 10 Indoor Workouts for Winter

Winter weather puts an end to running and other outdoor activities, but there are plenty of ways to work out indoors without paying for a gym membership.

20 Cheap or Free Things to Enjoy on a Snow Day

Snow days are gifts that can disappear before you know it. Here are 20 cheap ways to cool your heels and make the most of the extra time off.

15 Superfoods to Keep You Healthy This Winter

Combine these shelf-stable foods and hearty winter vegetables to get hefty doses of movies this winter.

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This roundup of inexpensive gadgets revealed at CES 2017 highlights the best products under $200, along with a few others that are an especially good value.

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From a dude ranch in Texas to a Club Med in Florida, here are 14 affordable all-inclusive resorts for vacationers to enjoy in the United States.

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Can you handle the heat? Kick it up a notch with these 15 hot and spicy recipes for entrees, side dishes, snacks, condiments, and even drinks.

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You can skip the expensive diet plans and keep track of portion sizes with these cheap diet tools.

11 Budget Trips to Shake the Winter Blues

Why wait for spring break to thaw out? These sunny destinations are affordable ways to get warm and happy in January and February.