Weekly Update: New Website, Summer Food, and More


Photo credit: Gustavo Frazao/shutterstock

Cheapism has a new look!

Last week we launched a top-to-bottom redesign of Cheapism.com. We've created a more visual experience and made it easy to access our latest and most popular content on your phone, tablet, or computer. We invite you to spend some time exploring the new site.

On the blog, we're getting ready for summer with DIY activities for kids, marinades and rubs to up your grilling game, and ways to make the most of summer produce. Don't miss expert safety tips for enjoying campfires, fireworks, and other summer fun without a trip to the ER. Also new last week: rooftop bars, designer dresses for less, what's worth a splurge at Costco, and more.

New Blog Posts & Updates:

17 Fun DIY Activities to Keep Kids Busy All Summer.

Stop the kids from whining about how bored they are this summer with these 17 fun, easy, and cheap ways to keep them busy at home all season long.

25 Places to Enjoy Rooftop Views Without High Prices.

Finding a rooftop venue that doesn't charge a lot for the view can be a challenge, but here are 25 cheaper alternatives for taking in some scenery.

10 Essential Tips for Enjoying Summer Safely.

Whether under the sun or beneath the stars, enjoying summer begins with knowing how to play and work safely.

25 Dishes to Make the Most of Summer Produce.

Summer produce is available only briefly each year. Here's how to take advantage of all the freshness, nutrition, and low prices the season has to offer.

9 Summer Dress Styles for Less.

Instead of splurging on one dress that blows your summer wardrobe budget, buy some of these look-alike styles for less and have cash left over for accessories.

Beat the Heat: 13 Cheap, Refreshing Summer Wines.

Toast the season with inexpensive wines that pair well with summer heat, from vinho verde to cava to Provencal rosé.

11 Cheap Ways to Make Time Fly at the Airport.

Being stuck at the airport doesn't have to be a waste of time -- eat well, work out, or even take a nap or shower to make the most of a flight delay.

12 Dangerous Mistakes People Make Around Fire and Fireworks.

A campfire, a backyard barbecue, Fourth of July fireworks -- they all hold dangers that can be avoided easily.

12 Cheap Rubs and Marinades for Summer Barbecues.

There's more to grilling than heat. For a successful barbecue, break out one of these inexpensive, homemade dry rubs, sauces, and marinades.

50 Unique Vacation Rentals for $85 a Night or Less.

Vacation home rentals offer an alternative to bland hotel rooms. They can also be a bargain. Here are 50 unique rentals across the U.S. for $85 or less a night.

14 Cheap and Easy Summer Meals.

This lineup of cheap summer dishes, ranging from perennial favorites to gourmet fare, is sure to please both family and guests.

Your Next Go-To Snack: 11 Cheap, Delicious Kinds of Jerky.

Meat eaters will want to try these wildly flavored jerkies made out of everything from elk to bacon, and vegetarian snackers aren’t left behind.

10 Things to Splurge on at Costco and Sam's Club.

There’s more to life than bulk cereal, and warehouse clubs know it. They tempt shoppers to splurge with items like designer clothes and pool tables.