Weekly Update: Grilling Tips, 50 RV Campgrounds, and More


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At Cheapism we kicked off July with essential grill tools for $15 or less and cheap sunglasses that actually protect eyes from harmful UV rays. No matter what your preferred mode of travel, we've got summer vacations covered, from scenic train trips to RV campgrounds in every state. Also new this week: recipes for delicious homemade ice cream, along with our picks for the best cheap ice cream makers.

Updated Guide:

Budget Airlines.

We go beyond ticket prices and compare fees, destinations, comfort, and amenities for JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier, and other low-cost carriers to find the best value.

New & Updated Blog Posts:

6 Best Budget Ice Cream Makers.

Whether they use rock salt and ice, an insulated freezer bowl, or energetic shaking, these entry-level ice cream makers churn out sweet and refreshing treats.

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Many sunglasses look cool -- but not all of them protect your eyes. Here are 14 cheap, stylish pairs that also screen out damaging UV rays.

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Train travel offers a chance to see parts of the country sometimes inaccessible by car. Here are 11 trips that offer beautiful scenery at affordable rates.

10 Essential Grill Tools for $15 or Less.

Getting delicious grilled food every time can be quick and easy when you use these tools under $15 before, during, and after the meal starts sizzling.

50 Budget-Friendly RV Campgrounds to Check Out.

These budget-friendly RV campgrounds in each state may have last-minute openings in high season.

13 Cheap and Easy Ice Cream Recipes for Summer.

Ice cream is a tasty treat that comes in a wide variety of flavors -- even more so when homemade. Here are 13 affordable alternatives to store-bought ice cream.

18 Lighthouses to Visit on a Summer Road Trip.

Head for any of these 18 lighthouses, some reachable only by boat, and marvel at their picturesque beauty and the stunning surroundings.

14 Trends From the Fancy Food Show That Anyone Can Try for Cheap.

Infused waters, organic foods, and artisanal chocolate may be fancy, but there's no reason they have to cost a lot.