Weekly Update: Back-to-School Shopping and More


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The start of August can be bittersweet for warm-weather enthusiasts and students soon heading back to class. But summer isn't over just yet. With that in mind, we're featuring recipes for two summertime favorites -- peaches and zucchinis -- that are abundant at farmers markets these days. Meanwhile, those looking forward to National S'mores Day (Aug. 10) will delight in our 15 ways for enjoying them. For those concerned about the the Zika virus, we've got the latest on the best, cheap traps for keeping mosquitos at bay. And with back-to-school on the minds of many parents, we've also got family-trip ideas to help ready kids for class, where to find tax-free shopping days, and back-to-school bargains everyone should take advantage of, plus much more.

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New Blog Posts & Updates:

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