Weekly Update: Food, Saving, and More


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Labor Day is just a few weeks away, and for many it's a holiday built around food. With that in mind, we have features on grilling ideas for late-summer produce, 21 ways to enjoy potatoes, and hot and spicy foods (and drinks!) to entice the palate. Also be sure to check out our posts on clearance items that can be bought now and used long after summer's over, how to teach kids personal finance while back-to-school shopping, and affordable fall essentials. Also new on the blog this week: stylish and affordable futons, free and worthwhile online courses for seniors, how to get quash smelly odors, and more.

New Blog Posts & Updates:

Sleep or Sit: 12 Stylish and Functional Futons Under $275.

Add a touch of comfort and style to a guest room or college house for as little as $120 with budget-friendly futons as comfortable as they are practical.

20 Fall Weather Essentials Under $50.

Prep for crisp fall weather with budget-friendly picks for space heaters, rain boots, leaf rakes, and everything you need to enjoy the change of seasons.

Celebrate Spuds With 21 Tasty Potato Recipes.

You won't believe how much a home cook can do with a simple potato. These 21 recipes, from bread to blitva, are a good foundation for an ever-expanding repertoire.

50 Fulfilling, Productive Things to Do in Retirement.

Not sure exactly what to do in retirement? There are lots of ways to get creative, volunteer, travel, work, learn, and stay healthy.

Never Too Old to Learn: 11 Best Free Online Courses for Retirees.

Build skills and unleash creativity with free online courses in poetry, nutrition, entrepreneurship -- even artificial intelligence.

Can You Handle These 15 Hot and Spicy Recipes?

Can you handle the heat? Kick it up a notch with these 15 hot and spicy recipes for entrees, side dishes, snacks, condiments, and even drinks.

Buy These 14 Things Secondhand to Save Big.

When scouting around for tableware, big-ticket items, and more, consumers can find great deals by shopping the pre-owned market, both online and off.

15 Affordable Fall Getaways for Empty Nesters.

Don't be too sad that the kids have flown the nest -- take wing and travel to some of these vacation spots at off-season prices that fit your budget.

15 Clearance Items You Can Still Use When Summer's Gone.

Even sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimsuits aren't just for summer. Buy these 15 items on sale now and you could be glad later in the year.

11 Dishes to Make From the Garden for Summer Savings.

Use the bounty of a summer garden to cut food costs while enjoying the fresh flavors of beans, zucchini, tomatoes, herbs, and more.

12 Ways Back-to-School Shopping Can Teach Kids About Money.

Shopping can be fun but also educational. Teach kids money basics such as budgeting, using technology and credit wisely, and more.

11 Grilling Recipes That Showcase Late-Summer Produce.

Sink your teeth into 11 mouthwatering grilled veggie recipes, from grilled eggplant salad to grilled chicken with rhubarb cucumber salsa.

12 Cheap Ways to Rid Your Ride of Nasty Odors.

Keeping a car smelling fresh is easy and doesn't have to cost a lot. Here are 12 easy methods for eliminating odors with products many households already have.

Get Satisfaction: 16 Ways to Beat Bad Customer Service.

Better customer service isn't beyond reach. Use these 16 strategies to help get problems solved quickly without wasting time or money.