Weekly Update: Student Discounts, Labor Day Destinations, and More


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With school season getting underway, it's an ideal time to look at ways to save money. And we here at Cheapism have been busy doing our homework. This week our blog features dozens of ways college students can save, the cheapest places to get common vaccinations, and a fresh look at the best cheap luggage. For gourmands (and anyone who likes to eat), we showcase food trucks that serve gourmet food for less, vegetables to plant for fall gardening, and cheap and easy ways to enjoy bananas. And we didn’t forget Fido, digging up the dirt on cheap chew toys every dog will love. Also new on the blog this week: Best running shoes, last-minute Labor Day destinations, fascinating facts about coupons, and more.

Updated Buying Guides:

Best Cheap Luggage.

Cheapism researched specifications and expert and user reviews to identify several sturdy but cheap luggage sets and carry-on bags for less than $150.

New Blog Posts & Updates:

25 Cheap Destinations for Off-Season Travel.

Delay travel plans until the crowds depart and the temperatures fall and reap savings on trips to these 25 enticing destinations, from Ohio to Hungary.

Banana Lovers Rejoice: 20 Cheap and Easy Recipes.

These 20 banana recipes in honor of Banana Lovers Day will sate your craving for the ubiquitous fruit in mostly sweet but some savory ways, from cake to curry.

10 Top Running Shoes Under $100 for 2016.

The best cheap running shoes for men and women include neutral shoes, stability shoes for overpronators, trail running shoes, and more.

46 Student Discounts for Back-to-School.

College students can save money easily with discounts on clothing, entertainment, transportation, technology, and more, at these participating companies.

8 Cheap Chew Toys Your Dog Will Dig.

Dogs who don't have chew toys will find something else to chew on. Here's how to find the toy that will make a tail wag and keep your stuff intact.

The Cheapest Chain Pharmacies for 10 Immunizations.

No need to squeeze in visits to the doctor when pharmacies such as Walgreens, Costco, and Walmart offer cheap immunizations for many ailments.

Keep That Healthy Glow: 13 Tips for Prolonging Your Summer Tan.

Maintaining a healthy summer glow is easy with the right products. Here's how to keep your tan without spending a lot of money.

10 Food Trucks Serving Gourmet Restaurant Fare for Less.

Whether serving halal lamb, fresh lobster rolls, or upscale burgers, these gourmet food trucks are more affordable than their restaurant counterparts.

11 Cheap Last-Minute Labor Day Destinations.

Travelers looking for a hotel deal this Labor Day holiday have many money-saving options, including domestic and international destinations, an Expedia report finds.

11 Ways to Save Money When Traveling Solo.

Solo travel can be flexible and fun, but it isn't always cheap. Here are some money-saving options for singles, and where to find advice and bargains.

23 Fascinating Facts About Coupons.

Frugal shoppers consider coupons an important tool -- but do they really know much about them? Here are 23 facts that might be surprising.

Autumn Cornucopia: 10 Vegetables to Grow in Your Fall Garden.

Fall is near, but there's still plenty of time to grow a fresh crop of vegetables, including radishes, spinach, parsley, and more to enjoy through the holidays.