Weekly Update: Jewish High Holidays, Rice Cookers, and More


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Today is the last day of National Rice Month (aka September). We honored the great grain with a complete update of our buying guide to cheap rice cookers and started looking ahead at the best and worst things to buy in October. We're also getting ready for the Jewish High Holidays, with symbolic foods to celebrate the new year and genius ways to use up the leftovers. Also new this week: the real costs of car ownership, stress-free travel planning, and the one thing you must do in every state.

Updated Buying Guide:

Best Rice Cookers Under $75.

From on/off to programmable to micro-computerized "fuzzy logic" rice cookers, these affordable top picks can make 3 to 20 cups of perfect rice every time.

New Blog Posts & Updates:

What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) in October.

October brings special pricing on cars and large appliances, as well as things like Halloween costumes. For other items, it's better to wait for holiday sales.

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Don't Get Taken for a Ride: Calculating the Real Costs of Car Ownership.

Calculate the real cost of owning a car before opening your checkbook. Consider recurring costs for fuel, insurance, registration, parking, and more.

The One Thing You Must Do in Every State.

For travelers looking to visit every state, here are 50 memorable things worth putting on your bucket list.

25 Ways to Take the Hassle Out of Booking Holiday Travel.

Reduce the stress of booking reservations for holiday travel by using these tips for comparing prices, finding alternatives, and discovering fun ways to save.

11 Symbolic Foods for the Jewish New Year.

Plan a Rosh Hashanah menu incorporating these 11 symbolic foods for a break from the standard New Year meal.

15 Genius Ways to Use Rosh Hashanah Leftovers.

Leftovers can be delicious with these creative recipes for breakfast hash, bread pudding, egg rolls, fritters, and even a chopped liver banh mi.

50 Things to Pick Up at the Grocery Store This Fall.

Summer staples are increasingly rare, pricey, and low-quality, so start buying pumpkin, vanilla, ginger, and other tasty and useful seasonal items.

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