Weekly Update: Labor Day Deals, Fall Getaways, and More


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September's arrival this week signals cooler weather is on the way and so is Labor Day -- and that means deals. We've got you covered with a comprehensive list of discounts and freebies available for the holiday weekend. Planning travel? Check out our round-up of 15 cheap and easy fall getaways and our bucket list of skyscrapers that everyone should see. Food-lovers will want to sample our latest recipes featuring potatoes, and seasonal fruits and vegetables, or take on a food challenge at one of 50 restaurants we found across the country that offer free food to those who can eat it all. Also new on the blog this week: The best things to buy this month, how to prep your house for fall and winter, building a stronger upper body without the expense of a gym membership, and more.

Updated Buying Guides:

Best Slow Cookers Under $50.

Our top picks this year include 6-quart models designed for families, along with a classic Crock-Pot for smaller households. Shoppers can get programmable controls and other handy features on a budget of less than $50.

New Blog Posts & Updates:

The Best Things to Buy in September.

September is the best time to buy mattresses, cars, appliances, summer gear, and more.

28 Fall Recipes That Showcase Seasonal Produce.

From baked pear oatmeal to Buffalo cauliflower to apple cheddar pie, let these fall dishes make you forget about summer.

13 Delicious Pressure Cooker Recipes That Save Money and Time.

Pressure cookers are a practical and easy way to make nearly any meal quickly and conveniently, including beef stew, risotto, chili con carne, and many more.

50 Belly-Busting Food Challenges That Offer Winners a Free Meal.

Willing to eat an 8-pound burger or inhale insanely hot chicken wings for a free meal (and bragging rights)? Here are 50 food challenges to take on.

No Gym Required: Strengthen Your Upper Body at Home for Less.

Few exercises work as many muscles as chin-ups. Here's how you can utilize this simple movement to build strength without the expense of a gym membership.

19 Steps to Prep Your House and Yard for Fall and Winter.

Now's the time to act to protect your home and yard from burst pipes, bug infestations, and other seasonal worries.

Skyscraper Bucket List: America's 20 Tallest Buildings.

Look down 100 stories in New York, see four states at once in Chicago, and go sliding on glass about 700 feet over Los Angeles in this tour of skyscrapers.

See a Game for Less: The Cheapest Teams in Every Pro League.

Here are the five cheapest professional sports teams to see from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, with a look at the cost of tickets, parking, and a hot dog.

Celebrate Spuds With 25 Tasty Potato Recipes.

You won't believe how much a home cook can do with a simple potato. These 25 recipes, from bread to blitva, will get you salivating and fill you up for cheap.

25 Labor Day Deals and Freebies to Send Off Summer.

Say hello to free meals and a bunch of other great deals while using Labor Day and its long weekend to say goodbye to summer.

Bland No More: 12 Ways to Use Rice.

Rice is an inexpensive and basic food, but that doesn't mean it has to be bland. Add a few extra ingredients and some seasoning, and a whole new dish awaits.

14 Cheap Emergency Essentials You Don't Want to Be Without.

A storm can knock out electricity, running water, and other utilities, but it doesn't cost much to prepare for an emergency with these essential supplies.

15 Spots for a Cheap Fall Weekend Getaway.

Hop in the car for a weekend getaway to any of these 15 destinations and delight in what fall has to offer, including cheap lodging rates.