Weekly Update: Fall Travel Plans, Cheap American Wines, and More


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The final full week of summer is winding down and soon trees across many parts of the nation will be turning bright autumn hues. Those looking for someplace new to enjoy the beauty of fall will want to check out our roundup of under-the-radar spots for leaf-peeping, as well as our guide to affordable fall destinations for couples. We've also been busy in the kitchen, compiling dozens of fresh ideas for cheap and easy lunchbox meals, along with themed dinner menus that impress guests without sinking the food budget. We've also updated our roundups of good, cheap American wines and how to save when hitting the ski slopes this winter. And we have new reports on collectables to avoid, castles that can be bought for the price of New York City condo, budget-friendly ways to boost brain-power, and more.

New Blog Posts & Updates:

Deliciously Cheap Burgers in All 50 States.

Burger lovers on a budget can do much better than the big fast-food chains. Here are spots across the country offering an American classic for cheap.

Made in the USA: 15 American Wineries That Sell Good, Cheap Wine.

These U.S. wineries show that good wine isn't confined to France, or even California. Regions such as New York’s Finger Lakes and Long Island offer real value.

14 Under-the-Radar Places With Amazing Fall Foliage.

Taking the scenic route to California, Alabama, Wisconsin, and other spots can show that the Northeast isn't the only place for great fall foliage.

50 Signature Cheap Eats From Every State.

Each state is known for one type of food or another. Here is our list of cheap eats to try in each of the 50 states, plus the nation's capital.

11 'Collectibles' That Are Probably Worthless.

If you're expecting to find a collector's gem among your records, stamps, coins, toys, or books, here's why you should brace for disappointment.

13 Affordable and Romantic Fall Getaways.

Autumn is an ideal time for couples to escape the daily grind without blowing a hole in the travel budget. Check out these 13 romantic fall destinations.

15 Themed Dinner Party Menus Under $5 a Person.

Invite friends over for a cozy dinner costing $5 or less a person. Here are 15 themed, multi-course menus to get the ball rolling.

10 Opulent Castles You Can Buy for the Price of a Manhattan Condo.

For the price of a New York City apartment, you could instead have your very own castle in Italy, on the coast of South Africa, or outside Prague.

11 Classic 'Ways to Save' That Could Actually Cost You Money.

Some recommended ways to save money are repeated so often that consumers take the advice without question. But some money-saving tips can easily backfire.

17 Health Products and Services That Cost Less at Costco.

Shopping at Costco for goods and services that help keep the family healthy can also save members lots of money.

50 Cheap and Easy Back-to-School Lunches.

Kids like variety in their school lunches, but don't go broke or crazy trying to fill their lunchboxes -- try these 50 fun, easy-to-make meal ideas.

Best Cheap Slow Cookers for Easy Meal Prep.

These top picks among budget slow cookers include 1.5-, 4-, and 6-quart models, a programmable Crock-Pot, and two portable slow cookers.

12 Budget-Friendly Tips to Boost Brainpower.

Exercising the body is only half the job. Here's how to eat, play, and live in ways that keep the brain sharp and agile even into old age.

16 Ways to Hit the Slopes for Less This Winter.

The price of skiing is dear, but there are ways to save on everything from renting equipment to timing a trip and getting to the mountain.