Weekly Update: Halloween Festivities and More


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October's arrival means many households are preparing for Halloween festivities, and we here at Cheapism have plenty of ideas to offer. From easy-to-make spooky treats to making a one-of-a-kind jack-o'-lantern to ways to use leftover pumpkin flesh we've got you covered. Our updated buying guide will help you find the best leaf blower and expert tips will help you find the best deal on home insurance. Also new on the blog this week: healthy habits for kids, get-rich-quick schemes to avoid, top destinations for a desert vacation, and more.

Updated Buying Guide:

Best Electric and Gas Leaf Blowers Under $150.

This buying guide features the best inexpensive electric and gas leaf blowers, including a feather-light cordless model, as well as an affordable backpack blower.

New and Updated Blog Posts:

23 Creepy Halloween Party Treats.

Build an edible human torso or a charcuterie skull and put eyeballs in your highballs for a gruesomely delicious Halloween party spread.

10 Habits of Families With Healthy Kids.

Keep kids healthy this school year by adopting some simple, no-cost practices, from getting enough sleep to preventing head lice.

15 Desert Vacation Spots to Stave Off the Autumn Blues.

Fall is here, but sun and sand are just a flight away. Check out our list of desert locales that offer visitors natural beauty and fun activities.

42 Bars With Happy Hour Deals You Don’t Want to Miss.

Discounted beer, wine, and cocktails are the stuff happy hours are made of, and these 42 bars offer some of the best deals out there.

18 Ways to Go Broke Trying to Get Rich.

Save your money and your sanity! From lottery tickets to mystery shopping, these 18 get-rich-quick strategies are more likely to leave you broke.

12 Unusual Jack-o'-Lanterns to Wow Trick-or-Treaters.

Forget the usual grinning pumpkin -- instead, try one of these unique jack-o'-lantern designs to impress trick-or-treaters this year.

24 Frightfully Fun Halloween Events Across the Country.

Costume contests, scary movies, coffin races, raunchy parades, and more are going on across the country for revelers of all ages who love this eerie holiday.

From Thrills to Chills: 13 Eerie Abandoned Theme Parks.

Abandoned theme parks, whether in California, Florida, or Ohio, can be fascinating places to explore -- if you dare.

50 Ways to Spend Less When Eating Out.

Dining out is one of life's simpler pleasures. Here's how to enjoy eating out and save money while doing it.

10 Ways to Protect Your Identity and Data Online.

Which one kind of encryption should be used on home Wi-Fi? What's the difference between "https" and "http"? Not sure? Then these tips are for you.

13 Things to Do With Pumpkin Guts After Carving.

You won't want to throw away the guts of a jack-o'-lantern pumpkin after seeing these creative, delicious, and healthy uses for them.

10 Things to Do Before Buying Home Insurance.

Home insurance will cost more than it has to -- and have dangerous gaps -- without the proper background checks and a basic understanding of the rules.

20 Haunted Attractions That Aren't Scary Expensive.

The scariest thing about a haunted house can be the ticket price, but these 20 ghoulish attractions across the country won't give your budget a shock.