Weekly Update: Best Beaches, Summer Topics, and More


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At Cheapism we celebrated the first week of summer by updating our ice cream maker recommendations and rounding up 50 of the country's best beaches. We also looked at the unsavory side of the season, with ways to avoid sweaty feet, picnic foods that spoil easily, and some important water safety warnings. Also new on the blog this week: an updated guide to senior discounts nationwide and 27 things to stop paying for now.

Updated Buying Guide:

Best Cheap Ice Cream Makers.

This summer's top picks use rock salt and ice, an insulated freezer bowl, or energetic shaking to churn out sweet and refreshing treats for less than $45.

New and Updated Blog Posts:

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Pets need love, food, and shelter, but here are 19 items new pet owners definitely don't need to buy.

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Third-party travel booking websites may be easy to use, but here are 12 reasons why booking direct can be the easiest and cheapest choice.

11 Cheap Ways to Fight Sweaty, Smelly Feet This Summer.

Stop cringing when it's time to take off your shoes with these inexpensive approaches to fighting food odor.

19 Ice Pop Recipes Just for Grown-Ups.

Who says kids get to have all the summer fun? Here are 19 easy-to-make alcoholic-drinks-turned-pops that are perfect for entertaining the grown-ups.

Age Pays: 43 Senior Discounts (Some Starting at Age 50!)

Becoming a senior citizen has its perks, including savings up to 50 percent at the movies, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, and more.

10 Fast-Spoiling Foods to Avoid Serving at Summer Picnics.

Summer picnics are for enjoying good food with friends and family, so don't make the mistake of bringing a dish that might spoil quickly. Here's what to avoid.

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20 Cheap Ways to Jazz Up Plain Water and Stay Hydrated This Summer.

Water is important for staying hydrated and healthy during summer's heat, but it needn't be boring. These simple infusions offer tasty refreshment.

Stop Paying for These 27 Things and Save Money Now.

Saving money is easier than it seems when you pocket cash that might otherwise be wasted on these 27 needless expenses.

50 of the Best Beaches in America.

From sandy coastlines to stunning lakeshores, America has more beaches than you might expect, and most are free or cheap to visit.

11 Essential Water-Safety Tips for Summer.

Make sure swimming stays fun for all this summer by following these 11 safety tips.

11 of the Coolest Races for Runners This Summer.

Summer offers runners plenty of challenging and unique races across the country. Here are 10 of the coolest competitions for different types of runners.

Summer Perk Me Up: Make Your Own Cold-Brew Coffee and Save.

Cold brewing is a flavorful way for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite beverage during summer. Here's how to make it at home and save.