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The LG Infinia PZ950 is one of the cheapest 3D TVs that we researched: with a 50-inch set starting at $979, you get a lot of screen real estate for the price. But LG Infinia PZ950 reviews point to several shortcomings in this series. The PZ950 features a plasma screen, and one of the great strengths of plasma sets are their deep, dark black levels. However, several LG Infinia PZ950 reviews, including those appearing on CNET, Television Info, and Trusted Reviews, say that black levels are disappointingly light, on a par with LCD TVs rather than models with plasma screens. CNET experts describe the 3D effect as mediocre, noting that this model displays more crosstalk in 3D mode than other 3D TVs, a view echoed by the LG Infinia PZ950 review on Television Info. Where these experts diverge is on the matter of color accuracy. CNET considers it excellent -- despite the relatively light black levels -- once you've calibrated the settings. Television Info, on the other hand, says tests show the colors to be way off the accepted standards for HDTV, with blues and reds the most problematic. Color banding and bumpy transitions between bright and dim further diminish the appeal, continues the LG Infinia PZ950 review. These experts are particularly flummoxed by the test results given LG's reputation for producing televisions with top-notch color. Gamers, too, should take heed. The LG Infinia PZ950 review by Trusted Reviews says input signals from a game controller seem to take quite a while to translate into on-screen action.

With only two size screens in this series -- 50 inches and 60 inches -- choice is limited compared to other 3D TV series. There's nothing unusual about the feature set, which includes a plasma screen and active 3D technology that supports 1080p content and runs video at 600Hz. The PZ950 doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi but does include a Wi-Fi adapter that enables the set to receive Wi-Fi signals. It's graced with four HDMI ports, two component inputs, PC input, Ethernet port, and two USB ports. Active 3D glasses, sold separately, cost $80 each.

It's not unusual to see some crosstalk when watching any 3D TV, but reviews indicate this model suffers from crosstalk more than others. And with its questionable color accuracy and dubious gaming capabilities, the PZ950 is one low-price 3D TV you might want to ignore. Other 3D TVs offer far better value.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – January 2, 2014
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