Panasonic TC-L55DT60 Review


Based on Panasonic DT60 reviews, the company still has a ways to go before its LCD TVs reach the quality of its superior plasmas -- which is a shame because Panasonic is getting out of the plasma business. The Panasonic TC-L55DT60 (starting at $2,000, Amazon) is an example of one of the company's mid-range LED options. A CNET editor expresses disappointment in this TV's black levels and uniformity, pointing to light spots appearing in the corners of the screen during dark scenes. The color accuracy is very good, though, and the selection of apps and smart TV options is hardly wanting. This reviewer also didn't find any problems with crosstalk when watching 3D content. A Panasonic DT60 review at reports that the 60-inch model in the series shows very smooth motion and wide viewing angles. It also serves up bright, vibrant colors with excellent accuracy. But this reviewer notices some crosstalk in 3D mode and finds Panasonic's 3D glasses pretty uncomfortable. Like the CNET expert, she would have liked to see darker black levels.

The Panasonic DT60 TVs use passive 3D technology. The 1080p screen has a native 120Hz refresh rate. In addition to built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port, the TV offers Bluetooth connectivity. Inputs include three HDMI ports, three USB ports, a component/composite input, and an SDXC memory card slot. This TV comes with two remote controls: one standard remote and one with a built-in touchpad that accepts voice commands. Four pairs of 3D glasses also come standard.

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You'd expect a $2,000 TV to have great color, but you'd also expect it to have at least decent black levels. True, LED TVs don't have the deep black levels of a plasma TV, but LED technology is improving on this front. Too bad more Panasonic models don't showcase that.

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